The Advantages of a Dormer Conversion

As the children get older extra space around the house is hard to find. When kids grow, so do their possessions. You need room for computers and extra wardrobes just to name a few things. Add to this all of the friends that now come to visit and you can see why you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. 

Many people know that they need extra space but the thought of moving doesn’t delight them. They like their homes and they like their neighbourhood and friends who live around them. Moving would mean having to start over in many ways. When you consider how dear the cost of moving would be and all of the stress of selling and buying, it may make sense to consider a dormer conversion.

The Advantages of a Dormer Conversion

There are many other advantages of a dormer conversion other than just saving on the costs of moving. Dormer conversions are increasing in popularity because of the numerous benefits they provide. 

  • Having a dormer conversion will open up your loft area and add a significant amount of living space to your home by creating extra floor space along with more head room as well.
  • A dormer conversion can be built onto most types of homes in the UK. They are created by adding an extension to the existing roof that you have now.
  • Because they are an extension rather than an expansion many times a planning permit may be unnecessary. It depends on your area however and you need to check before starting work!
  • Because a dormer conversion will add square footage to your home it can increase the home value by as much as twenty percent.
  • A dormer conversion will cost less than a ground floor extension, sometimes half the cost
  • A dormer conversion builds upwards so you are not taking away any valuable space such as gardens and driveway etc.
  • It will cost less to heat than a ground floor extension because of the simple fact that heat always rises. As long as you are living and heating below the loft, the heat will make its way up and therefore cost less in heating bills.
  • It will provide your home loft with better ventilation and light. It allows you to install large windows. Some people like to install French Doors. Because of the expanse of glass, light will flood the whole area.
  • You can use the extra space for whatever suits your fancy.

Perhaps you need extra bedrooms, or an art studio – the natural light would be fantastic for artwork! Maybe you would prefer to set up a gym or soundproof the area so your kids can practice music with their friends. You could rent it out for extra money if needed or simply make a playroom for the kids. The possibilities are endless.