The 4 Reasons you should Hire a Professional Builder

During the recent lockdown, you may have been gazing out of the window or sat in your garden and a light bulb moment hit you. “I need some big home improvement!”. However, you may not be happy with the end result of a major DIY plan. Therefore, this article will give you some assurances and advice on what to do and why you should hire a professional builder.

Your Personal Happiness

We have all been there. We have dreamt of how our homes can look amazing and we envisage the whole project. On the contrary, we unfortunately do not consider that our dreams have a reality, and that reality is something terrible could go wrong. Which in more cases than not, we then doubt our very own DIY skills. 

Well the harsh reality is that many homeowners simply do not have the construction skills for many home improvement projects. We appreciate that you may want to undergo your own construction project as a cost-effective alternative and to achieve a sense of pride, but statistics tell us that many homeowners end up having to shell out £000’s to rectify their errors. 

Professional building contractors possess the experience and knowledge to undertake a project that you throw at them. They will assess your property and identify any opportunities to modify your home that is not going to cost you a leg and arm while avoiding damage to your beautiful home. You can tell a professional builder your dreams and they’ll be honest with you and if they can bring your dream to life then they will do.

Hiring a Builder makes financial sense

Once you have decided the alterations you want to make on your beautiful home and you have completed your budgets and calculations. However, one thing you may not know, these calculations unfortunately do not take into account any unexpected issues that may arise or any mistakes that you make throughout your home.

The philosophy that you can complete your project cheaper on your own is not always the case.

We, as homeowners, do not have the skills needed for many jobs to improve your home. Reality is that mistakes will occur. Thus meaning, it pays to outsource such project work to professional contractors.

DIY can be potentially dangerous

If you are not experienced in building projects then statistically you are more likely to endure an accident which may or may not be fatal. While some jobs within the house are less likely to injure you or your family, there are plenty of jobs that do possess this danger.

Let’s say that you are doing repairs on your roof, your inexperience may not notice the damaged roof tile and you could potentially fall through leaving damage to yourself and your home. None of these, you ideally want to experience.

Or perhaps, you are installing a new soft water tap and it all goes pear-shaped and water escape everywhere. Even worse, you could leave a small leak unnoticed, which if not noticed soon enough, you could severely damage the structure of your home and water damage can cause damage in so many other ways that it would cost thousands to fix.

If a job does injure you, you could be left with broken bones, concussion, being electrocuted or even more fatal injuries.

Is the savings you’ll make worth your health?

DIY Costs time and health?

When you are comparing and contrasting the quotes you have received from professional builders and contractors you should ideally take into account how much your time is worth to you.

You could be sat watching the football with a beer, getting pampered, playing with the kids or working hard. 

Ensure to factor in this cost when comparing quotes.

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