Differences Between Professional And DIY Steam Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a must for every home but requires a lot of work to maintain your floors quality. Most households only wash carpets once a year typically to remove stains and bad odor. However, regular cleaning can guarantee a healthier environment and will also prolong the carpet’s life. 

There are two ways to get your carpets clean and hygienic, DIY or with the help of professional carpet cleaners. Learn more about their differences in the rest of this post.

How Does Carpet Cleaning Work?

Cleaning your carpets won’t be an easy job, however, it is not an everyday chore. Depending on what materials are used will determine how often you should clean your carpet. Generally, you should be looking at deep cleaning carpets every 12 months and spot cleaning on a daily basis and as necessary. 

Another factor that impacts the frequency of carpet cleaning is the amount of traffic on your flooring. The more you walk on the carpet the more frequently you’ll need to clean it, especially those sections that are part of the main walkway through the home, i.e: the stairs or hallways.

Different Ways to Clean Various Types of Carpets 

Here are some carpet types and an introduction on how to clean them:

Nylon Carpets

This type of carpet requires regular cleaning to maintain its form and overall performance. It is made of fibers and hydrogen molecules that work together to hold a high amount of foot traffic. Though it is highly durable, regularly cleaning the carpet can help to extend its lifespan. 

Synthetic Carpets

Synthetic carpets are a blend of nylon and polyester materials. Vacuum cleaning works for this kind of carpet which kills pathogens and eliminates dust and dirt. It gives you an option whether to do it yourself or hire a professional cleaner. Then, your carpet will be clean, hygienic and attractive once again. 

Wool Carpets 

Wool is a sensitive material when it comes to cleaning, especially bleaching as such leads to discoloration. Thus, carefully choosing a cleaning solution especially for wool carpets is the way to go with this type. Wool is also flammable and so it is best to avoid high alkaline content cleaning products. 

What is Steam Cleaning?

Steam Cleaning, also known as hot water extraction cleaning, is one of the best options for removing carpet stains. You’ll need a steam cleaning machine, hot water, and a cleaning solution to collect dirt from your carpet. Moreover, steam cleaning is now one of the most common cleaning techniques for carpets. The cleaning process is simple and quick, whether it is done professionally or a DIY cleaning. 

Start by spraying hot water on the stained carpet. Wait for a while and then use the machine to suck up all the dirt. Adding a cleaning solution would guarantee the best possible outcome. Alternatively you can use a carpet cleaning vacuum. Whereby the cleaner itself washes the carpet and sucks the water up whilst also providing the same function as a regular vacuum.

Which is Better – Professional or DIY Steam Cleaning?

Both your commercial and residential carpet cleaning needs can be met by professional cleaners. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner makes the process easier by removing stress and hassle by freeing up your time from having to do it yourself. However, working with experts naturally costs more even though they will deliver a high-quality of cleaning. 

On the other side, DIY steam cleaning requires either hiring or buying the cleaning equipment upfront just to start cleaning your carpets. You also won’t have to spend time looking for a professional cleaner but instead will have to do the job yourself. If you’re venturing down this route, it’s essential to make sure you use quality equipment. As it is going to cost money upfront but will save you more money in the long run. There’s a wide range of different carpet cleaners in the market, for both hire and purchase, so choose one which you think is most suitable for you, your personal need and also your carpets material. 

The Dangers of DIY Steam Cleaning

The downside of DIY cleaning is that the current domestic appliances and equipment lend themselves more towards the task of spot cleaning and not necessarily deep cleaning. If you’re looking for a one of deep clean your best to either hire a professional carpet cleaning equipment or employe the services of a professional carpet cleaning company. But using the later option you’ll be able to eliminate any tough stains and build up of dirt and pathogens within the fibres of your carpets.

DIY and domestic cleaning machines are not as good as the ones used by professional cleaners. It is less effective in removing dirt, especially on wet carpets. The machines typically have less power to create the high temperature necessary for the cleaning process. In addition to that, drying the carpets will also be difficult with DIY machines that may require additional fans to work faster, naturally domestic appliances tend to be smaller than their commercial counterparts and lack the capacity of engineering power. 

It also demands both knowledge and skill to utilise carpet cleaning machines. Even one mistake could turn to added expenses as you may damage your carpet. 

The Benefits of Professional Steam Cleaning

Though there is a hire cost involved, hiring professional cleaners typically is the better option of the two especially if you have no carpet cleaning routine in place. Firstly, hiring a professional makes any task efficient for yourself as you can sit back and relax knowing that the job is being taken care of by someone else. You’ll also benefit from a professional cleaners knowledge specifically around where the most common high traffic areas are or could be, in addition to more in depth knowledge around carpet material, best cleaning chemicals and overall carpet care. 

The Best Carpet Cleaners To Hire

Whether you’re looking for Carpet cleaners in Canning Vale, Australia or Camden Town, London make sure you’re looking for professionals who offer a carpet cleaning service that can extend the life of your carpets. In doing so you’ll be able to enhance indoor air quality. As different cleaning techniques remove dust, dirt, and pollutants trapped in your floors and surfaces you’ll also reduce risks posed to everyone’s health.