Sustainable Home Improvements to Elevate Your Homes Interior

There is a surge in the number of individuals that are looking to adapt their homes in ways that are both beautiful and green. We are lucky that sustainable options for interiors have grown in the last decade, and we can now make changes to our interiors that will benefit both design and impact on the environment. If you are looking for sustainable design and architectural tips, you’re in the right place. We’ve teamed up with Märraum architects to curate a list of the top changes you can make to elevate your home.

Sustainable Design

It is no surprise that by reducing the space your home inhabits, you are therefore reducing the impact you have on the environment. With a rise in tiny houses, people are becoming more efficient in how they are using their space and the need for large houses with multiple rooms is declining. 

Consider every space in your home and how it can be utilised. A cubby area under the stairs can be transformed into a small studio space. If you are lacking in floor space, wall-mounted seating can make an excellent addition to your home. 

Sustainable design is more than simply filling your home with sustainable items and alterations. It is about crafting an idea of what sustainability means to you and developing your interiors around it.

Increasing Natural Light

If you are looking for a lower energy bill, one of the biggest changes you can make is how you let light into your home. With more natural light, you remove the need to leave your lamps and lights on during the day. Not only will this reduce how much you are spending on lighting, but natural light can also improve your mood, and help regulate your sleeping patterns. 

By choosing the right window, you can also improve the energy rating of your home. Märraum always uses Velux windows in their projects, as not only can they double the amount of daylight let into the room but installing just one roof can save up to 482kg of CO2. That’s the equivalent of fully charging 58,632 mobile phones!

Utilising LED Lighting

There is a high chance that you have already heard of the wonderful benefits of LED lighting and eco-friendly bulbs. Lasting longer than the traditional lightbulb, they provide a lower cost when it comes to maintenance and labour parts.

LED lightbulbs also consume a lower amount of energy than traditional lightbulbs, therefore saving you energy overall and lowering your electricity bill.  

Protecting Your Property

By being conscious of your area, you can not only reduce your carbon footprint but enhance your natural surroundings. Eco-friendly architecture is about bringing in natural elements to make as small an impact as possible. 

Attempt to use as many natural products and materials in and around your home. When styling your interiors, second-hand furniture shops are a fantastic option due to their low cost and sustainable nature. Items can be upcycled with paint, and you can avoid the toxic chemicals and plastic used in modern furniture. 

Not only does this apply to your interiors, but also any exterior changes you plan to make. A mown lawn may be beautiful, but you can create natural areas that encourage wildlife to flourish. Incorporate as much nature into your surroundings as possible.
There can be much to think about when looking to transform your home.

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to improve your home contact the team at Märraum architects provide sustainable solutions whilst breathing life into your interiors.