Small Interior Changes, Big Design Impacts

Sometimes small changes can help regenerate your home and dust away that tired look that surrounds your living space. It gets quite hard to keep up with the essential cleaning, especially when you have responsibilities such as children and picking up after them seems like a full-time job! Below are some ways in which you can turn fatigued energy into some positive vibes.

Invest in a New Rug, Seriously.

This may seem like an absurd thing to do but it is a trusted pleaser! Most people have rugs in common areas of the home and when rugs get old and torn getting a new one can really spruce up the room. Whether you like colourful or dull or even thick or thin just get one! Eyes can adjust to something very quickly so treat them to a brand new rug so they take it in with delight…its a guaranteed way of inviting some positive energy into the home.

Make Your Home More Cosy

Making your home feel more cosy, especially during winter months can have a dramatic effect on your home and your mental health. Whether thats having more cushions, ornaments or even utilising a throw or woven weighted blanket over the sofa. You’ll want to walk the line carefully between minimalist and clutter but striking the balance right can completely elevate any room.

De-clutter your home.

Many people believe that unnecessary clutter in the home can lead to a sad case of feeling down and may even take make the home appear a little neglected. The best way to tackle clutter is ask three simple questions that will make it easier to distinguish between clutter and home items:

  1. What use is this to me?
  2. Can I live without it?
  3. Will I miss this in anyway if I throw it into the trash?

These questions will really help in clearing those bookshelves and the backs of wardrobes. To keep your home de-cluttered before you purchase an item for the home think ‘Do I really need this?’ and ‘Will it improve my home in anyway?’ This is a sure way to keep your home free of clutter…unless you are a hoarder then it will be a tad harder.

Laundry Rota

A laundry rota can be the best thing that happened to you since…well since something important! Laundry can be a very evil entity in the home and cause a dreary sight when you see your kids or partners clothes strewn all over the house except the allocated washing basket! The first thing to do is invest in some laundry baskets for every bedroom so no one has any excuses. Then dictate a laundry rota where every member of the household is responsible for washing their clothes on a certain day. It will keep things organised and make the parents life a lot less stressful!

The Oldest Trick in the Book; Mirrors

Mirrors are classic and can really help create a sense of openness. Mirrors never go out of fashion and emphasise the uniqueness in your home. Hang a mirror across a room and it will look as if there is another room beyond…hang it opposite a window and get another window! Mirrors are much loved by designers for a reason . Get some crazy, beautiful, breathtaking, simple, vintage or even urban mirrors for your much deserved home.