How Self Storage Can Help When Moving House to House

Moving in between houses is always a messy affair. However, when carefully planned, it doesn’t have to be as stress-inducing. With the right plan, you can create your ideal space without having to say goodbye to important pieces. 

Self storage units are a staple in the UK, especially since housing options are becoming smaller. On moving day, your storage unit can help you save time, money and energy without being a budget breaker. If you have plenty of items, it can become a long-term investment that grows with you in the coming years. Feeling sceptical? Here are examples of how self storage can help you when you are moving house: 

Declutter With Ease

Decluttering is the first step of any move. There are plenty of popular methods you can choose from the KonMari method to the Four Boxes method. Select the one that suits you best and start selecting your items. If you are moving on your own, think about how many heavy boxes you lift when loading and unloading your van. Decluttering does not only mean less work but also a more affordable move. 

After you declutter your items, ask yourself if they need to be kept at home. Instead of squeezing in unused furniture and appliances in your flat, you can keep them in a self storage unit. You can also leave the items you plan on selling and donating while waiting for the right buyer. With the clear division between spaces, you don’t need to worry about them mixing in with the belongings you plan on keeping. 

Take into consideration that the size and storage space of your new house won’t be exactly the same as your old one. Some items may not fit, especially if you’re downsizing. Many residents choose to keep their items in a storage unit after moving, simply because they want more storage space. Besides, less clutter adds to the aesthetics of the house.

Manage Being In-Between Houses

Being caught in between two houses is very common when you are moving. If you are relocating from a small town to a big city like London, you may need to wait for the sale of your house before making any decisions. That can be a very difficult position to be in. 

Do you wait out your lease before securing a new place? When is the perfect time to sell the house? What will you do if the house is sold, but your new home is not ready? Self storage can help you control this by being a place you can transfer your belongings. 

For example, if you are planning on moving to Brixton, you can keep your items in a self storage unit nearby. A storage unit in Brixton can help you keep your property open-house ready. If the house is sold, but you still haven’t found a suitable place, you can keep your valuables in your self storage unit and stay with family and friends. You won’t have to worry about crowding other people’s homes with your items or settling for the first available flat, with self storage you can take your time finding the best place.

Renovating Your New Home

Your new home is full of untapped potential. If you want to make it your own, renovating it before you move in is ideal. You can create customisations like an ensuite or a home gym. You have the freedom to add elements that will make it feel like your home. 

While you have construction done around the flat, you can keep all of your belongings in your unit. It can clear the area for your workers and make it easier for them to work. It also protects the state of your belongings, so no splashes of paint on your vintage dresser, dents on your appliances, or stains on your books and papers. With a self storage unit, you make repairs and renovations easier for you and your crew.

Besides, renovations are wildly unpredictable. You can’t depend on it going as planned. Self storage helps you have a contingency plan. Aside from protecting your valuables, it can also help you easily find a new place if the new home is unfinished and your previous lease is ending soon. Your spacious units can hold your items, sans essentials, while you crash with family and friends.

Moving Abroad Or Moving For Work

Moving abroad can be a huge step. It may seem easier to get rid of everything instead of bothering your family and friends. However, with companies like Henfield Storage, you can pay for your unit in advance and keep your belongings there until you make your way back. With this setup, you can keep all of your valuables without burdening other people. Moving houses can be a stressful and, more importantly, expensive process. That is why Henfield Storage offers affordable solutions to everyone in the UK to make sure that moving does not burn a hole in your pocket.

Moving abroad is not the only big step that can benefit from storage. Relocating for work is another big reason for getting a unit. Most Brits in the UK are willing to relocate for work, and it means making the tough decision of leaving furniture, appliances, old books, and personal collections behind. Moving all your belongings may not be the smartest decision, especially since most relocations may include furnished housing options.

A self storage unit can help you hold off making major decisions about big-ticket items like furniture sets, refrigerators, extra tools and equipment. You can keep these items there for the meantime until you figure out if your workplace relocation is a long-term decision. 

A Clean Slate For Styling

Ultimately, a self storage unit can give you a clean slate. You don’t have to rush moving all your items to your new home. You can take your time rearranging furniture and appliances. Try out each arrangement for a couple of days and make adjustments for the best possible flow. 

You can also play with your decoration options. As you accumulate things over the years, it is easy to forget what you have on hand. While you packed your items for the move, you should be well acquainted with these old pieces, and they can be displayed, front and centre, in your new home. 

A self storage unit is not just for freeing up floor space, though it does an excellent job of it. It can also be a much-needed middle ground that helps during times of transition. Whether you are moving to a new house, city, or job–a self storage unit can be your partner.