Options To Consider If You’re Struggling For Storage Space

Have you ever opened a cupboard door and had most of the contents tumble out onto your head?

If this sounds like a familiar tale then you are not alone, as more and more of us are starting to struggle to find enough storage space in our homes.

Whether it is due to a growing family, starting a business from home or simply not being able to move to a bigger house, many of us are trying to cram more and more belongings into smaller spaces, so what can you do to solve the problem?

Start A Cull

The truth is that very few of us really need all of the things that we keep. Much of what takes up space in our cupboards, attics and under the bed is stuff we have decided that we might need ‘just in case’.

If your house is starting to feel as though it is bursting at the seams, then it is probably time to clear out and get rid of as much as you can. Look at how long it has been since you needed a particular item and consider whether you really need to keep it after all.

You can also throw out clothes that do not fit or have seen better days or children’s toys that have not been played with for a while. Many of these can be recycled or donated to charity, so look out for the options that are open to you.

Vertical Storage

When we think about storage, we can often forget to go upwards as well as outwards. Our walls have a lot of unused space, so think about adding more shelves, or even built-in storage systems that can add a lot more storage to your home. This can include hanging items from racks or hooks and it can be possible to turn your storage into part of your aesthetic.

Self Storage Units

No matter how hard we try, there can still be plenty of items that we don’t have space for but can’t part with because they have precious memories attached to them, are family heirlooms or you just still love them. This is where a domestic self storage units can come in handy. These can be hired for a week or even years and cost very little.

They are completely secure, offer you 24-hour access and are protected against the damp and the heat to ensure that your items are fully protected no matter how long you want to store them for. This can be great for all those things that you can’t bear to part with, saving hand-me-downs for future children or for those things that you genuinely might still need one day.

Hidden Spaces

There are many hidden spaces in your home that can be used for storage that you might not think about. Look at investing in boxes and drawers that fit under your bed, add extra storage to the top of wardrobes or other cupboards or put storage boxes and baskets at the side of furniture to keep handy items in. You can also buy furniture such as desks, pouffes and coffee tables that all come with extra hidden storage to make life a little easier.

Running out of space in your home does not always mean that you need an extension, it just requires you to think differently about your storage options. Look at the different ways to store things, don’t be afraid to make a feature out of your storage and invest in storage outside of your home if you still find that you are running out of space.