5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Patio Doors

If you want to flood your interiors with natural light and bring the outdoors inside, patio doors are the perfect choice. But if you’re struggling to open or close your doors smoothly, it could be one sign they need replacing.  

Unfortunately, older-style patio doors stop functioning correctly over time. And that can impact your home’s energy efficiency, functionality and aesthetics. Here are five signs that it’s time to start considering a replacement and upgrade to the latest model. 

Difficulty In Operating Your Patio Doors 

As patio doors age, you may notice they no longer glide smoothly along their tracks. If you find yourself battling to open and close your doors, it could be due to misalignment or the doors warping with age. They may start to make squeaking sounds and be resistant to opening, even after you’ve cleared any dirt and debris from the track. 

Faulty operation is a major red flag for your patio doors and a sign you could have a significant issue with rollers, tracks or frame alignment. Once you’ve dealt with those problems, you may find it more cost-effective to replace the units altogether. 

Your Patio Doors Have Developed Draughts And Leaks 

Draughts and leaks are another sure sign that your patio doors need replacing. If you’re noticing blasts of cold air or puddles of water around your doors, especially in bad weather, it could be a sign that their structural integrity is compromised. Once your patio doors no longer function as they should, it’s time to start looking for replacement doors. 

Your patio door seals are designed to expand and contract throughout the year but can become faulty. To test whether the seal is compromised, stand near your patio doors with a lit candle. The seal has failed if the flame flickers as you move along the door edges. Don’t be tempted to use weatherstripping as a stop-gap. Faulty seals almost always mean you need replacement doors.  

Your Patio Doors Have Visible Signs of Damage 

Warping, discolouration or rust are all signs that your patio doors need replacing. Other signs to look out for include gaps between the glass panes and the frame and condensation between the panes. Condensation could be a sign that the double glazing has failed and your windows are no longer energy-efficient. If you notice any visible damage, it’s worth investing in new replacement doors. 

But superficial damage can also be a reason to look for replacement doors. Scratched and worn frames look ugly. And if the damage doesn’t respond to repairs or paint, it could be time for a set of new doors. 

Your Energy Bills Are Going Up  

If you’ve noticed a sudden spike in your heating bills, old and inefficient patio doors could be to blame. While new doors are designed to fit snugly and be thermally efficient, your old doors could be underperforming, letting in cold air and forcing your heating system to work harder. 

If that’s the case, you need to consider upgrading to new doors with outstanding U-values and A++ energy ratings. UPVC patio doors have exceptional energy efficiency, making them an intelligent choice for any home. 

Your Patio Doors Are Looking Their Age  

Sometimes, your home needs an aesthetic refresh. And if you look at your patio doors and find them visually unappealing, it’s time to upgrade.  

Installing patio doors can be a showstopper. But old, outdated glazing and door styles stand out for all the wrong reasons. In that case, it’s time to upgrade with replacement doors that seamlessly blend with your overall aesthetic and make a bold and eye-catching statement in all the right ways.