2020: A Year for Demanding Change at Home

No other year has offered the amount of challenging demands for your lifestyle than 2020.

It will no doubt go down in history as a year where tough decisions and sacrifices had to be made for the good of all. The biggest being having to do everything from home.

Its safe to assume that most people have had things niggling at them that have needed to be done for a long time and while most have done things about them, others still have them hanging over them. This has seen the increase in renovating the look of their home.

So starting with your floor, let’s take a look at what can be done to liven up the place with vinyl flooring tiles or planks.

Kitchen Space

The kitchen is the room in your house that sees a lot of heavy activity be it cooking, rushing or appliances that give your floor a true test of durability.

Therefore it is the perfect model for an option of vinyl for your flooring. The main reason for kitchen use is in the cooking and preparing of food and whether it be sauces or liquids, there is risk of spillage or the dropping of food on your floor.

Other types of flooring may leave stains after multiple clean up attempts, however vinyl offers an easy to clean approach with the added stain resistance. A simple warm soapy sponge and you will find no trace of any discolouration.

There is also the chance that falling crockery would not break due to the cushion fall vinyl tile or sheet provided. Plates have been shown to land without so much as a chip, meaning you won’t be replacing that crockery set this year.

Living Space

A living room is an area that sees a lot of activity, whether it be having guests or being the first room any large deliveries that arrive to the house. With that in mind, many people tend to clean or outright change their carpet more than any flooring in the house.

Pet proofing your floor is also one of the many positives with vinyl as it employs a scratch guard technology, meaning every time the dog scratches across the floor you will find it more resistant than stone or wood would be willing to give.

You can even match your flooring to your book units or furniture to give a combined flow throughout the room.

Bathroom Space

Having a ceramic or porcelain feel to that bathroom is fully achievable and with vinyl tiles, you won’t be worrying apart them coming apart at the seams.

Indeed, Vinyl flooring in the bathroom is a current fave for most homeowners to give a feeling of comfort where they relax most. No threat of steam or rising temperatures causing tiles and planks to lift or come unstuck as moisture resistance is at the heart of vinyl design, so no matter how hot you get you won’t be steaming when it comes to the floor.

Amtico is a market leader in beautifully crafted vinyl design supplying wood, stone, abstract and other ranges through many distinct and contemporary selections. Luvanto is another popular brand that brings creativity and flair to people’s homes whether they choose plank or tile effect luxury vinyl. Invictus brings in everlasting natural elements to the forefront of your consideration, with its ability to add in layering styles and luxurious borders.

No matter what 2020 brings you in the way of challenges and surprises, you can begin to focus on positives by being among the many satisfied with the look, feel and security that vinyl flooring options have implemented in their homes.