Top 5 Space Saving Toilets In the UK

The latest data from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities shows that houses in the UK are getting smaller and more expensive. That means the space available in your bathroom can be small, and you will not have any other choice but to choose a space saving toilet. To help you easily find the one for your cloakroom, ensuite, or family bathroom, we have gathered the list of the top 5 small bathroom toilets in the UK. 

Abacus Short Projection Wall Hung Rimless Toilet by Royal Bathrooms

On top of our list, we have abacus short projection toilet by Royal Bathrooms that fits on the wall with the cistern concealed behind it. Since no cistern may take up floor space floating-style toilet pan, making it a perfect space saving option. In addition, these are short projections, meaning they project less from the wall that’s again a minimalist feature. In addition to that, another feature of this toilet is the rimless pan. That means it doesn’t have the typical rim around the top edge that most toilets have. This design helps make the toilet easier to clean and gives it a more modern look. 


Cesar Short Projection Close Coupled Rimless Toilet and Slim Soft Close Seat with Cistern

The second space saving toilet on our list is Cesar Close Coupled Toilet which is a standard floor standing toilet with loads of modern features. The great thing about this toilet is that despite having a standard toilet design, it can help you save bathroom space due to the short projection toilet bowl. That will help you save the bathroom due to its minimalist design.

In addition, these toilets have a slime soft seat and come complete with a cistern. Another modern feature that makes it an ideal option for the modern bathroom is the integration of a dual flushing mechanism that is a space saving feature, allowing you to choose the amount of water you want to flush. The minimalist dimensions of such toilets make it an ultimate choice for the cloakroom or a small bathroom in case you are looking for a space saving option with a standard toilet design. 

Close Coupled Toilet | Royal Bathrooms

Breeze Rimless Close Coupled Toilet and Slim Soft Close Seat with Cistern

Another great addition to your small bathroom is Breeze close coupled toilet that is one of most economical and highest selling designs in the UK. The great thing about this toilet is its curve lines on the bowl as well as the cistern that creates an aesthetic appeal in the bathroom. In addition to that, its bottom is thought to take minimal space on the floor.

That’s what makes it a number in our list. These have rimless toilet bowl that are without traditional rims, which makes them easier to clean. Other features include a dual flush mechanism allowing you to choose the amount of water to flush.

Grey Gloss 500mm WC Toilet Unit with Cesar Rimless BTW Pan & Seat, Cistern

In case you are looking for a space saving toilet with a unique design, then a Cesar back to wall toilet can be your top choice. It comes with a beautiful grey gloss WC unit that can conceal your cistern. You have the option to use the stud wall instead of WC unit. That will make it even more space saving and modern. However, you can make use of a grey gloss vanity unit to match it with a vanity unit. Its size is 500mm which is perfect for a cloakroom or small bathroom fitting. 

WC Unit | Royal Bathrooms

Elena Wall Hung Rimless Toilet with Soft Close Seat & Wall Hung Frame – Round Push Button

It is another space saving toilet option. It is a floating wall hung style with a concealed cistern inside the wall. The space saving properties comes from its wall hung design and concealed cistern that fits the back of the wall. Other features include a rimless design that makes it a hygienic option that is very easy to keep and maintain clean. If you are looking to create a contemporary style bathroom in a small space or a toilet for the cloakroom, then it can be a top pick for you. 

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have provided the list of the top 5 space saving toilets in the UK. Whether you need a small close coupled toilet, a space saving back to wall toilet or wall hung toilet, our list features the best toilet option for your small bathroom.