What Does Your Bedroom Colour Say About You?

The bedroom is the place where people spend most of their relaxation time. The colour that a person chooses to paint their room says a great deal about their personality.

Painting Your Bedroom White

White walls could be an indicator that a person may have just moved into their abode; however, those who choose to leave their walls white lead busy lives and are goal-oriented. Often these people’s bedrooms are simply a place to sleep and not a place of relaxation. Those who choose to paint their walls white are focused on their goals and their values and do not spend time worrying about other things. White walls also can signify a transition period occurring in a person’s life. They may be waiting for a significant event to occur, or they feel as if their life is about to begin.

Painting Your Bedroom Red

Red is the colour of passion, so it is no surprise that people with red bedroom walls are passionate and full of energy. Those with red walls see the bedroom as more than simply a place of sleep. Red walls indicate possession of the leadership trait. These individuals often are extremely social and light up a room when they walk in. Red-walled bedrooms usually contain beds that double as a desk because these individuals lead hectic work lives.

Painting Your Bedroom Green

People who have their bedroom walls painted green are the polar opposite of those who have red walls. Those with green walls have a work sphere and a home sphere. The bedroom is seen as a place of rest and the green mellows out the owner of the room, but it also indicates that the person has a calm demeanour. These individuals would prefer a night in with a few friends and a bottle of wine instead of a night out on the town.

Painting Your Bedroom Brown

Brown in a colour seen often in nature, so it is no surprise that individuals that choose to paint their bedroom walls brown would rather be outside than inside at any time. These people often care about protecting the environment. Those with brown bedroom walls have a similar demeanour to those who have green walls; however, those with brown walls are a bit more intense. They rarely get angry, but when they do, they tend to hold a grudge for a while before letting it go.