Easy Tricks To Make A Garage Door Blend With Your Garden

Garages are a great storage option, whether it be where you park your car or use as a work area. However, their doors can easily turn your exterior home appeal from delightful to boring. If you are looking to blend your garage door with your garden, you have come to the right place. 

It doesn’t need to be complicated: We’ve teamed up with Easyfit Garage Doors to come up with these easy tips and tricks that can make your garage door blend in with your garden! 

Garage Door Colours

A well thought out colour palette can completely transform your home’s kerb appeal. If you are looking to blend your garage door into your garden, you would want to pick a colour that complements it nicely and possibly match it to your garden shed. 

A good quality garage door will have a durable paint finish and won’t corrode over time.  


Before deciding on the exact shade, consider what colour matches your garden foliage and your home’s style best.

Here are some possible colours to consider for your roller garage door:
Painted Irish Oak with a woodgrain finish is the perfect complement to a traditional style home with a busy garden. In this case, it’s all about not standing out or taking away from the beautiful garden and architecture of your home.

A colour like Anthracite with a plain finish is the perfect option for a modern home looking for a sleek design. Particularly if you have a front garden with appealing green shrubs and grass.

What about a plain finish red? It is a bold choice that is guaranteed to make your exterior garden stand out and will look even better with a matching red front door and white window frames.

And if uniqueness is your priority, you can also opt for a bespoke digital print of natural stone or wood? Available for Alutech Trend sectional doors, you have a range of granite shades at your fingertips, along with brick and concrete patterns or a choice of colourful theme prints. 

If you feel confident enough to take up the job of painting your existing garage door, remember:

  • It’s important to prepare correctly. Sand down the garage door with a wire brush and coarse sandpaper. Wash the door with a mild detergent and water and make sure the door is dry before you begin painting.
  • If you are going to use a primer, you will need to watch the weather. Before you start painting, the primer will need 12 hours to dry. You will need a span of about 2-3 good weather days for this process.

Hardware Upgrade 

Improving your garage door’s mechanisms can be good for multiple reasons. Not only does it help to keep the stuff inside safe but also tie in the look you are going for. If you’ve gone through all the trouble of ensuring your home’s exterior is colour coordinated. 

For example, if you have gone for a dark colour, use black hardware, if you have gone for a lighter colour, maybe use silver hardware. And if the hardware in your garage is going rusty, it’s about time to replace it since it can cause the lock to go a bit weaker and a bit stiffer to turn and also pose a garage door security risk.

Adding Trees Or Shrubbery 

Adding trees and shrubbery is the last trick to make a garage door blend with your garden and can truly pull together the look you had in mind for your home’s exterior. No need to overdo it: two trees or tall shrubs on each side should do it. 

Opt for plants that don’t need a lot of attention or maintenance, and that can survive weather changes all year round such as boxwood, lilies, Shasta daisies or native plants. And if you have a proven track record of killing your plants, going artificial is nothing to shy away from. They can look very realistic and complete the look that you are after. 

A final touch, such as a border around the garage, like stone or gravel and your home’s exterior, will be the envy of the neighbourhood.

Feeling empowered to start your garden makeover? Check out how to fit a roller garage door yourself.