Roller Garage Doors: What You Should Know Before Buying

Among roller garage doors, the options are as diverse as the needs they serve. Understanding the nuances can be the difference between a wise investment and a regrettable choice. To shed light on this, here is a list of must-know facts

Eco-Friendly Features

While roller garage doors may not match the insulation capabilities of their sectional counterparts, those equipped with double-skinned foam filled slats can still offer good draught exclusion. 

Quality over Cost

The allure of a bargain should be approached with caution. Cheaper options often sacrifice quality, leading to premature component failures and increased long-term costs. Opt for thicker grade corrosion-resistant aluminium for the slats. These have a higher resistance to denting and flattening compared to sub £1000 budget doors. They are also likely to have been wind tested. The typical lifespan of a high-quality roller door is 15 to 25 years or more. For the correct accreditations check that they have certified security, use components that have gone through endurance testing, and that they follow safety law.


Look for roller doors with comprehensive all-surround seals. The best models ensure smooth door travel by integrating brush seals within the vertical guide rails as standard. The brushes are generally thicker by design, providing an element of draft exclusion. Wind locks can also enhance door stability. Flexible rubber profiles compensate for unevenness in the floor and seals the bottom edge of the door.

Durability in Design

Frequent usage can leave roller garage doors susceptible to wear and tear. Look for innovation that is designed to extend the life of the door. Patented systems like Hormann’s Durabelt cushioning technology offer added protection against scratches and soiling. When rolling up, it works by placing belts between the individual layers of the door curtain to reduce contact with the profiles. Also look for multiple tension springs and double lift cables. These provide a reliable counterbalance which supports opening and closing and lowers stress to the motor – making it last 3 times longer compared to products that don’t have these fail-safes.   

Robust Warranties and Guarantees

Invest in peace of mind. Ensure that guarantees cover essential components and are backed by reputable brands with CE marking to avoid potential pitfalls of inferior products. Look for up to 10-year warranties on the roller garage door itself and 5 years on the operator. Regarding the installation use fitters who can offer an extensive quality guarantee for their workmanship.

Lifestyle Enhancements

Beyond functionality, modern roller garage doors offer added lifestyle benefits. Explore options like synthetic glazing for natural light or integrated security features for added peace of mind. Make sure with the remote operation that no one can copy your radio signal by ensuring that encryption protocols are secure and stable, and that they use interference-free radio signals. With advancements in technology, convenience is the watchword, whether through handheld transmitters or smartphone apps. Keyless designs and anti-lift features further fortify against unauthorised access.

Prioritise Safety

Safety should never be compromised. Opt for roller garage doors equipped with safety sensors to detect obstacles and emergency release mechanisms for uninterrupted operation during power outages. The aforementioned multiple spring assembly can also protect the door from crashing in case of possible cable damage. 

In conclusion, the world of roller garage doors can encompass a spectrum of choices. While budget-friendly options may seem enticing, investing in quality craftsmanship pays dividends in longevity and reliability. Choose wisely, as the disparity in lifespan between low-cost and premium models can be significant.