Top Tips and Advice for Creating a Home Gym

It’s that time of year again when you’ve made resolutions and promises to be healthier. New gym memberships are always available but it can get overcrowded in any gym, leisure centre or fitness class. To avoid all the hassle which comes with joining up to these places and battling for the equipment you want to use, you could build your own gym at home.

The best space to do this in in your garage and with a garage conversion you can really kick your fitness into gear and avoid the usual excuses. With a gym in your home you can squeeze in the exercise when you choose and all within the privacy of what was once your garage. There are a few things you need to consider before converting your garage however, when creating your own personal gym space.

Do You Have The Space?

Many people will think that they need swathes of space to be able to fit all of their equipment and leap about, but the truth is that most garages are ripe for conversion into a gym with ample space. As long as your garage space is at least 3X4m you can create a space in which to work out. The more room you have the more things you can fit in, but don’t forget you can switch things in and out depending on your routine.

What Flooring Is Best?

The floor of any gym space is important as it forms the base of your gym and will hopefully see heavy use. This means it needs to be sturdy but it should also bear weight and absorb any shock from heavy movements. For this reason it’s best to go with a recycled rubber floor, you could always split the room if you’d like to have different surfaces, with a portion in rubber and a portion in laminate flooring for those less strenuous workouts.

Do You Need Power?

It’s all well and good converting your garage into a gym, but will you have enough power to run the equipment and accessories you want? Think about how many electrical outlets you need before investing in the conversion and then you’ll have plenty of places to plug in your crossfit trainer, CD player and television. If you depend heavily on working out to music or by following instructional videos then this point could be the most crucial one of all.

What Equipment Suits You?

The added cost of fitting your gym with the right kind of equipment might put you off initially, but you should think about building your gym up slowly. Spend your money on making the space right and add equipment when you can once it’s completed. You can even pick up second hand equipment on auction sites and general listing sites to help you make savings on everything, from dumbbells to big pieces of machinery.