Top Tips on How to Make Money from Your Garage

A concrete garage is a great addition to any home. It provides a place that is sturdy and functional, while also offering the flexibility to do many different jobs. If you are interested in concrete garages and what they can offer your home, but don’t know exactly what to do with one, consider some of the possibilities below. These ideas will give you an easy way to make some extra money while also improving the overall value of your home.

Parking Service

If you live in a prime location in your hometown, you might have a highly desirable parking space that you can rent out. Most cities tend to have a need of better parking infrastructure, especially in areas that are close to town shopping locations. If you live in one of these locations and keep some space open in your garage, you can consider offering a parking service to individuals who either work or shop at locations nearby. This saves money for the people using your garage, as you will likely be charging a lower rate than a public parking garage. It also makes money for you, making your garage especially valuable if you don’t have anything else that is taking up the space.

Storage Rental

Like parking, storage space is at a premium in many areas. Concrete garages are safe, secure, and easy to add climate controls to if needed. If you know somebody who needs some storage space for tools, valuables, or virtually anything else, your garage might be a perfect place. You can negotiate a price that is profitable to you, while also remaining below what storage rental facilities tend to offer. Make sure that you draw up an appropriate contract to make sure that both parties are perfectly clear as to the terms of services are being offered. This contract should include details such as a security deposit, monthly rental fees, and any sort of security or climate control measures that should be taken.

Workspace Rental

Because a concrete garage can be furnished very easily, and converted into almost any sort of workspace, many people choose to make money from their garages by renting them out for work or activity purposes. If properly heated and insulated, a garage can be used as office space, even in the wintertime. It can also be offered as a space for craftsmen, bands in need of a location to rehearse, and even people looking for a secure place to stage certain film projects. As with the storage rental offer, you will need to make sure that whatever lease you come up with is very clear when it comes to the exact purpose of the workspace and the services you plan to offer as part of the deal.

Different types of prefabricated garages are very useful structures with many different applications. Whether you are using it to increase the value of your home or to make some money in one of the ways listed above, you will almost certainly enjoy the many benefits offered by this addition.