Unique Ideas for Your Man Cave, Garage or Shed

Man caves have existed throughout history in many different forms – smoking rooms, gentlemen’s clubs, sheds, studies, log cabins – the list goes on and on! This generation of men are no different in wanting their own personal space to indulge in their hobbies and pig out in front of the tv, but with property prices rising, it’s becoming more difficult to afford the luxury of a spare room in your home to set up a private den. The solution is to make the most out of your garden space and indulge in your own manly retreat that’s completely cut off from the rest of the world.

Will a Garden Building Work  as a Man Cave?

Yes! Gone are the days of shabby and small wooden sheds; advancements in wood quality and construction methods mean that you can create a luxurious outdoor space with all the commodities to rival your home’s. Water and electricity can be hooked up to garden buildings, and the structure can be built to mimic a house for ultimate comfort. Whether you’re after a completely shielded log cabin or a bright and airy garden room, your man cave can be perfectly structured to suit your needs.

Garden Man Cave Ideas

Now you’ve decided on the layout and design of your man cave, it’s time to pick a theme. There are endless lists of ideas out there for your man cave design, but the best man cave for you will be one that reflects your hobbies and personality. Here’s Creasy’s top 10 ideas to help jog your imagination:

The Microbrewery Man Cave

If beer is your thing, your man cave can be the perfect place to set up your own microbrewery to distill your own personal beer supply.   

The Gym Man Cave

A personal gym can help you keep in shape, and give you somewhere to sweat away the stresses of the day.

The Sports Bar and Gaming Man Cave

Set your room up for optimal sports viewing and games console playing. Having your own dedicated room means that there’s no fighting with the family for the remote control. Alternatively if playing pool, darts, snooker, poker or foosball more your game, with your own dedicated games room you can hone up your skills and show up your friends.

Band Rehearsal or Studio Man Cave

Soundproof the area and let your band practice to their heart’s content, safe in the knowledge that you’re not disturbing your family or your neighbours.

The Cinema Man Cave

Hook up a projector and invest in some reclining armchairs and a popcorn machine to emulate the luxury of a cinema viewing in the privacy of your own home.

The Hot Tub Man Cave

If relaxation is your thing, install a hot tub or a sauna and add a mini-fridge for an ice-cold beverage whilst you soak.

The Man Cave Library

Sometimes you just want to read your book in peace, your own library man cave will provide the perfect sanctuary to sink into your armchair, and your favourite book.

The Workshop Man Cave

Creating a workshop is a great way to get around to all those little jobs you’ve been neglecting, or even do some woodwork that you’ve never had the space to get stuck into.

The Garage Man Cave

The classic man cave, if cars or motorbikes get your motor running, your own garage means you can tinker with your vehicle day or night, rain or shine.