4 Reasons Why You Should Build Raised Garden Beds

As we delve into a new decade, one thing that we can be assured of is that food prices are continually intensifying. With the new decade beginning with the COVID-19 pandemic and with the after effects forecasted to bring devastation on people’s lives for a few years, maybe it is time to start planning to grow your own food. 

Brexit has long been forgotten by the UK public, nevertheless, food security is a rising concern and issue for UK natives.

With this in mind, why not be creative and build your own raised garden beds? In this article, we shall be looking into the benefits that a raised garden bed will bring you.

You can Garden even in the Smallest of Areas

The UK is not known for having luxurious space, unlike our American friends who have a surplus of space, we are only an island but a proud island, so we have to think outside of the box. 

Our properties tend to be smaller and don’t offer a great deal of greenery. Nonetheless, raised garden beds can help lift that burden with the countless amount of advantages that naturally accompany building your own personal raised garden bed.

We love inspiration and the square foot gardening technique is one that we love and are happy to endorse. 

The concept is the brainchild of Mel Bartholomew, who obtained a lightbulb moment while seeking an alternative method to produce vegetables to aid the end of world hunger. This method encompasses a very precise planning phase to enable vegetation to flourish within a strict one square foot of space.

What we have learnt from this technique is that by dividing the raised beds into equal sections, there is no reason why you cannot produce some great tasting vegetables for the whole family to enjoy.

Reduce Known Gardening Problems

It is natural that gardening comes with some challenges and testing moments but this makes it all worth it when your hard work is rewarded with some pretty-looking flowers and tasty vegetables.

However, a raised garden bed can eliminate some of the burdens that you may deteste, such as pest control being a very popular problem.

With a raised garden bed being completely separate from the soil outside you can expect your healthy leaves, flowers, roots & tubers being safe from slugs, snails and all other pests.

Perfect for Novice Gardeners

We have discussed how the installation of a raised garden bed can help novice gardeners avoid pesky pests, they also possess the ability for new gardeners to break through the barrier to self-sufficiency.

Meaning that beginners start with a good foundation and the ability to control the environment. Which is all dependent on if the raised bed is built in a correct manner.

Raised Garden Beds are Universal

This gardening method is great especially if you want you’re into landscape gardening and want your picturesque to look perfect. Seeing as this garden bed is raised above soil level, you can rest your garden on the majority of platforms including concrete, grass, tile.

Building one of these attractive-looking gardens could not be any easier seeing as the main components in building one contains wood and concrete.