Are Garden Annexes Worth The Money?

Garden annexes are growing in popularity. If you have the space, they provide a practical, affordable and no-fuss solution to elderly care, additional living space and more. 

In this blog, we are going to outline whether or not garden annexes are worth the money.

What Is A Garden Annexe?

A garden annexe, often known as a granny annexe or granny flat, is self-contained accommodation designed and built to fit in the garden of a home. 

Most garden annexes feature a modern bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living area. Some will also have a patio area or solid polycarbonate sheet veranda.

There are various styles and types of garden annexes. Most granny annexe companies offer a range of one and two-bedroom annexes with a variety of features and finishes, including pitches or flat roofs. Bespoke garden annexes are also available. 

Surprisingly, you don’t need a lot of garden space for a granny annexe, with a small annexe available at just 7m x 4.5m.

Because garden annexes are classed as independent outbuildings used for accommodation, they do require planning permission. Not to worry though, garden annexe companies will take care of this and usually have a high success rate when it comes to obtaining planning permission.

How Much Do Garden Annexes Cost?

The cost of granny annexes varies depending on the size, model and finishes. For example, at Family Annexe, prices start at just £55,250 for a small annexe featuring an open plan kitchen/living area, and a spacious single bedroom with en suite shower (or wet room). 

The largest one-bedroom garden annexe costs around £75,950 and features a spacious kitchen/living area, ‘Jack and Jill’ bathroom/en suite, and a large double bedroom with built-in wardrobe space.

Two bedroom garden annexes start at £89,250. Although it may seem like a big investment, garden annexes are well worth the money. 

If you are using a garden annexe as a home for an elderly parent or relative, you will find that the cost of building the annexe is affordable when compared to expensive ongoing care home fees. 

Garden Annexes For The Elderly

A garden annexe is an excellent choice for an elderly relative or even a young adult who can’t afford to get onto the property ladder just yet. For less than £60,000, you can have a stylish and modern annexe with a double bedroom, fully-fitted bathroom, kitchen and living space.

Your elderly relative will benefit from having their own space and independence. They will also have security and peace of mind that someone is always nearby if they need them. The garden annexe is also the most affordable option when compared to costly, ongoing care home fees. 

In addition, a garden annexe can be designed and built in a matter of weeks, which is ideal if you need accommodation for an elderly relative quickly. Unlike a home extension, the build of a garden annexe will not disrupt your home life.

Multi-Functional Spaces

Garden annexes can also be used as additional home space, which is beneficial if you regularly have family or guests visiting. They can also be used as a source of income. 

Many people rent their garden annexes out as Airbnb accommodation once they are no longer needed by the family. Did you know you can earn £7,500 tax-free each year by renting your additional space out to short-term guests on Airbnb?

Alternatively, you may want to turn the garden annexe into an office for your small business or a yoga studio or accommodation for adult children yet to find their first home… the possibilities are endless when you have a garden annexe.

Added Home Value

One of the biggest benefits of investing in a garden annexe is the value it will add to your home. A quality granny annexe can add an estimated 20-30% to the value of your property. 

It can add even more if you have a large garden and therefore a larger annexe. With the additional space and income potential, a granny annexe will be a fantastic addition to any property.


Garden annexes can be a big investment, especially if you opt for one of the larger plots or a two-bedroom annexe. But the benefits should far outweigh any reservations you may have. 

As well as providing amazing self-contained accommodation and additional home space, a garden annexe will also add value to your home and provide a source of income.

Alternatively a garden room may be the best solution for you. Whether you’re looking for garden rooms in Essex, Edinburgh or anywhere else in the UK ensure you contract a reputable company with a wide range of choice but also the knowledge to help you decide whether a garden annexe or room is the best choice for you.