Different ways to use decorative aggregates

Believe it or not, there are ways you can improve garden drainage, irregular gaps in patios and areas where ugly weeds like to grow – all with the use of decorative aggregates. This month, Essex Aggregates is here to share with you multiple ways to use decorative aggregates to improve your home’s aesthetics, starting with improving drainage and offering simple and affordable ways to do so. Read on and get a headstart on your transformation today!

Improving drainage with decorative aggregates

If your garden has a problem with drainage, you may want to change out slabs and paving stones for shingle or chippings. These types of decorative aggregates allow water to run through and into the ground, rather than letting it settle and form expanding puddles. Using decorative aggregates is a much friendlier way to overcome any regular flooding areas. 

Improving pond areas with decorative aggregates

Embellish your pond area with pebbles, stones or slate to give it that natural river feeling. Using decorative stones around pond areas is a great way to suppress weeds and encourage wildlife. Vary up the sizes of the rockery around your pond, this will provide shade and make it a more inviting habitat for wildlife such as frogs and insects. If your pond is home to fish, always be careful with the aggregates you place in or near it, as some stones can have an effect on the pH of the water. Should you use stones around your pond, give them a quick wash before adding them. 

Improving old driveways with decorative aggregates

For a more textured driveway and a less industrial look, using aggregates as your base is your best bet. Gravel driveways can help with drainage, provide character and offer an economical solution, should you have a large driveway. Sturdy underfoot and under the weight of a vehicle, stones or angular chippings can withstand the weight and offer an attractive solution for home or business owners alike. 

Controlling weeds with decorative aggregates

Fed up of seeing weeds shoot up from nowhere? Having gravel instead of mulch and a landscaping membrane underneath is a surefire way of controlling unruly weeds. Cut holes in the membrane where your plants are to give them room to grow and protect them by surrounding them with decorative aggregates. 

Where to get decorative aggregates?

At Essex Aggregates, we provide residential and commercial customers with quality decorative aggregates. Whether you’re looking for slate, shingle, topsoil, turf, play bark or other, you can count on us to provide whatever quantity it is you need to bring your project through to completion. Operating throughout Essex and the surrounding area providing decorative aggregates – we’re here to offer great products, competitive prices and swift deliveries. For more information about our products or services, simply contact Essex Aggregates today.