How to Host a Garden Party

Throw your friends a garden party they’ll never forget and you’ll be making memories for years to come. Though it’s easy to buy lots of buffet food, present it on the patio and light up a barbeque, here’s how to go the extra mile. You’ll even make the neighbours envious. What the heck, it’s summer – invite them over and get mingling!

Prepare for the Weather

Let’s start with the inevitable – we’re in Britain and all good British garden parties will have a back up plan in case the weather is inclement. Whether that’s a pergola, porch cover, sunshade or even a gazebo. You’ll want to avoid the indoors as much as possible, so make sure your alternatives provide adequate cover. For the ultimate in luxury, or a larger event, invest in a tipi or marquee.

Outdoor Heating

This leads nicely to our next point: outdoor heating. It’s essential if you’re to party into the night comfortably. Of course, alcohol helps but ensure your guests are warm and happy by using either: lots of candles, a fire pit or bonfire, a gas patio heaters, electric patio heaters or anything that will kick out them sweet sweet rays of light and warmth. Afterall, you don’t want guests leaving early just because the sun has set!

Light Her Up!

That’s enough of the cautionary measures – rain, temperature and so on – let’s get into the beautification process. Good lighting is essential and ‘good’ doesn’t mean ‘floodlit’. Get the perfect balance of providing light that is soft but is strong enough to be safe in a dark outdoor setting. The easiest way to achieve this is with ambient lighting that is provided by a few different types of lights. Solar lighting comes in many forms, such as patio lights or even flower bed lights. There’s also plug-in and solar versions of fairy lights or light bulb strings which give your party a high-class vibe.

Get Cosy

Making your guests cosy isn’t just for winter. The temperature will drop on a hot day once the sun lowers in the sky, so you have the opportunity to make cosy spaces to retreat to once the party goers are feeling like a chat in a pleasant nook of the garden. The secret here is use all of the above elements and add a touch of class to your existing garden furniture, using cushions and blankets for those who might feel the cold quicker than others. The blankets are decorative during the earlier hours and come in handy when the lights are glowing, the candles are lit and everyone’s sat in a circle around the fire. It’s making you feel all at home just reading about it, right?

Generous Food and Drinks

Lay down a feast and let no culinary stone be unturned. Provide lots of meat, veggie and vegan options – even if there are no plant-based dieters around! At the very least, you’ll discover something new and tasty that’s good for you and the planet. On top of the mains, the barbeque foods, buffet and finger foods, you’ll want stellar deserts. Remember, how you present food is just as important as what the food is. Platters, proper cutlery, chilled glass if you can arrange them are all appreciated on a hot summer’s day.