The Importance of Sealing Your Limestone Patio

When it comes to stunning natural patio choices, limestone tends to be the ideal material. Not only are limestone patios durable but play an outstanding role in improving the aesthetic value of your garden, though these patios require regular sealing to maintain their appearance.

This is even more important if you live in an area susceptible to adverse climatic conditions as the speed of deterioration for unsealed limestone patios is greater. However, if you seal your patio you can slow the speed of its deterioration maintaining it and its value in the long term.

Cost-Effective in the Long-term

Limestone is a porous patio material that absorbs moisture which would exacerbate its deterioration. In addition, if limestone patios are exposed to ultraviolet rays for sustained periods of time they will start to fade. As It’s quite expensive to repair or replace damaged limestone patios it is important to seal them so as to reduce the negative impact of the ever-changing weather conditions.

Enhance the Natural Colours and Formations of the Stone

Limestone patio sealer comes in a variety of different finish options, including colour enhancers and invisible sealants. Invisible sealants will protect your patio without altering its appearance whilst colour enhancers will protect and improve the general appearance of the stone. Both options are viable choices; it all depends on your preferences. The best limestone sealer should protect the patio from external damage and improve its natural colours.

Minimises Maintenance

Unsealed limestone patios are prone to damage from both weather but also wear and tear. Maintaining your patio can be a cumbersome task as well as costing money. Therefore, you should opt for regular sealing.

If you opt for professional limestone sealing you’ll be able to reduce the amount of maintenance that is required to keep them in great shape. Sealed patios are repellant to stains and spills making cleaning the surfaces a lot easier.

Enhances Your Patios Durability

Limestone is a durable patio material. Regular sealing can increase the life span of your patio. Sealing your limestone patios is an excellent way to preserve your investment and homeowners should invest in a reputable sealer like Picseal limestone sealer. This sealer will combat the problem of staining and weeds growing through the patio.

Increasing your Property Value

Any work you do on your home should increase its property value. A great patio not only affords occupiers of the home a great place to relax and enjoy in your garden but should you decide to sell the property is a great feature to have. Potential buyers would definitely be looking for a garden, especially if it’s a family, and with a well-maintained patio, you’ll be more likely to entice offers, which would naturally be more than the home without one.


There are various benefits of sealing your limestone patio regularly: enhance limestone durability, minimise maintenance, save money in the long term, and enhance the natural colours of the stone. Sealing these patios requires professional and adequate experience. Therefore, homeowners should consider hiring the right limestone patio sealing services.