Top Tips For Getting Rid Of Garden Waste

Cleaning out your garden and getting rid of any rubbish can be a tedious and time consuming task. There are many things that you can do to make this task easier and assure that it is done efficiently. 

This article will provide you with a few tips and tricks that you should consider if you are planning to have a large clear out of your garden. 

Use Composting Where Possible:

Composting is a way of utilising various types of organic waste. This includes food waste, and leaves and branches. This method of waste disposal has multiple benefits. Not only does it break down your waste for you, it also improves the health of soil as well as reducing greenhouse gas emission. So not only does this help the environment by reducing the amount of waste heading to landfills, it also has the benefit of producing something useful for your garden. 

Making your own compost heap is pretty simple, all you need is a container, or even some palettes to hold the waste you wish to decompose. This will keep it all together and prevent it from looking messy in your garden. 

Hire a Skip:

If you are planning to throw away various different types of waste, and very large amounts of it, a skip is probably the best option for you when getting rid of garden waste. Whereas using a compost heap allows you only to dispose of organic waste, by hiring a skip you can get rid of a mixture of different materials you may need to dispose of. This includes plastics, rubble and metal.

One of the benefits of hiring a skip when clearing out your garden is the fact that they come in different sizes. This means there is a skip to suit whatever your waste removal needs are. They also drop off and collect the skip as part of the hiring process, this means you have not got to worry about disposing off the contents yourself. 

The downside is that a skip requires a place to be stored, if you do not have the space to keep one, you may have to look into getting permits for it to be kept in the front of your house. This can be a time consuming process and cause a delay. 

Green Recycling Bins:

One of the cheapest methods of getting rid of garden waste is to get some green recycling bins. Despite being smaller than a skip, these are perfect for smaller garden jobs. You can fill these up with your rubbish, and it will be collected on recycling day. These will then get taken to a nearby composting site where any waste that is not compostable is removed and disposed of. After this, the remaining organic waste is produced into a conditioner for soil. 

Any waste that is removed due to not being compostable, is broken down, and left outside to decompose on its own. 

Dropping Rubbish To A Recycling Centre:

The cheapest way to get rid of garden waste is to do it yourself. And this involves taking the rubbish to a recycling centre yourself. This has many benefits, the first being that you can do this in your own time. 

If you are planning on doing your garden as an ongoing project, hiring a skip for a long period of time can become rather expensive. By dropping your waste at the recycling centre, also known as the dump, means you can go as and when you need to, and clear out your garden at your own pace. 

All you need in order to do this is some disposable sacks, and a way of getting to the dump itself. 

Once you have arrived there are people on hand to help. They will be able to direct you on what bin is the correct one for the waste in which you are getting rid of. 

However this method does have some cons. The first is the cost of driving to your local recycling centre. And even when you get there, there is no guarantee you will be able to drive straight in, in some cases you can wait for a couple of hours in a queue before you even make it through the gate. Depending on the amount of waste you have to get rid of, and the size of your vehicle, you might have to do more than one trip. 

To Summarise:

Overall, there are many different ways to get rid of garden waste. However depending on the quantity and the amount of time you plan to spend sorting out your garden will depend on what method is more efficient. 

For example if you are planning to get rid of larger amounts of waste, over a shorter period of time, hiring a skip would be the most cost effective, and convenient method of waste removal. However for more manageable amounts of rubbish, taking it to your local recycling centre would be more beneficial, not only due to the cost, but simple it is.