Top Tips to Protect your Garden Shed from Thieves

A shed can be any number of things. It can be a cosy retreat, a gardener’s best friend or just a very practical way to store a number of tools and camping equipment. Whatever your shed is to you, you’ll want to protect it, because if it’s worth locking inside a shed it might be worth a pretty penny to a would-be thief. Let’s take a look at the top ten tips for securing your shed.

Be Smart with your Shed Location

The optimum position for your shed is a place where it cannot be seen from the street. However, the shed shouldn’t be in such a secluded spot that it can’t be seen from your home. Ideally, you will have the best of both worlds in being able to view the shed if you hear any disturbances and have no would-be thieves inspecting your shed, because it can only be seen from the house.

Anchor your Shed

No matter what size of shed you own, make sure to anchor it securely to the ground. Thieves have been known to pick up the corners of small sheds in order to get to the contents within. Use L brackets, screws and rawl plugs. Alternatively place breeze blocks in each corner to make the shed too heavy to lift. Attaching your shed to a wall is also an option and will prevent it blowing away in high winds.

Replace the Door Hinge

Common-a-garden sheds are often supplied with weak hinges. The enclosed screws are short and have a small thread counts which means they are the weakest part of any shed. To remedy this, use a longer nut and bolt where each screw would be. Then, super glue the heads of the bolts when they are in place.

Upgrade the Lock

Again, the supplied lock that comes with standard shed won’t stand up to a crowbar or industrial tools. It can be easily broken and once that happens all of your belongings are left vulnerable. A hasp and quality padlock will improve the situation greatly and hamper thieves. Closed shackle padlocks are also strong and will deter thieves. They are great for defending against bolt cutters and saws since they are designed to protect the weak points of a traditional lock.

Obscure the Windows

If your shed has windows then this is an obvious weak point. Cover them if you are concealing valuables in the shed, or better still, if you don’t need windows block them out or affix shutters. This way, thieves will not be able to see inside and see if the shed is worth breaking into.

Fit an alarm system

The above methods are great for stalling a thief in their efforts. In most cases, you’ll be able to scare them off or ring the police before anything of worth is stolen. However, if you regularly leave your house unoccupied for a period of time, then you’ll want to consider our next step: a burglar alarm. Burglar alarms can be as simple or complex as you require. Either a motion sensor can trip a visual or auditory deterrent, or you can install remote access CCTV which can link up to a local security firm. Whatever you choose, you’ll be confident in having gone the extra mile to protect your property.

Hide your Tools at Night

If you are like to leave garden tools out at night, you’ll be giving thieves a twofold advantage. They can safely assume that you don’t care about your belongings, and they can in fact use these belongings to break into your shed. Spades, hoes and even children’s toys have been known to help thieves gain entry into properties. So, put your tools away at night!

Use a Site Box

Site boxes are great for storing hand tools and can fit neatly under a workbench. If thieves gain entry to your shed, they may miss the site box especially if it’s dark. If a thieve is looking through a window, then they may pass on your shed as they can’t see any valuables within. It’s a no brainer.

Chain Large Items Together

Locking large items together is a great security measure to take and a relatively cheap one. If your bicycles, lawn mower and shelving are all locked together, the thief has a awkward job on their hands to free them all from the lock and chain. This causes more noise and this scenario is what thieves want to avoid. Make it as hard as possible for thieves and chances are they won’t even try.

Mark Your Belongings

If you’ve taken all or some of the above precautions and your belongings have been stolen, then you are very unlucky. Fortunately, this next step is a proven way to regain your possessions. You can mark them with a UV pen or use an advanced water marking system that is recognised by the police. Be sure to register your items online, however, as this will make recovery that bit easier for you and the authorities.