What You Have to Know Before Buying a Lawn Edger

Ever thought about what the best lawn edger for curves might be? Probably not. But this is just one of the factors you’ll need to consider when shopping for the best lawn edger for your garden. Seriously, it’s actually no simple task and there are many considerations before making a purchase. So let’s get to it.

The Size Of Your Lawn – Size Matters

Nowadays, different sized lawn edgers are available for purchase. Let’s get to know what the main difference between them is.

1. Smaller Lawns

If you have a relatively small lawn, then it’s likely that a hand-held electric lawn edger will do the job well for you. There are a variety of small and nimble electric lawn trimmers on the market today. They come in various designs and price points.

If you are elderly or infirm, you may wish to get a light battery-powered version that is on wheels. This way, there is no lifting at all. These cordless lawn edgers are incredibly easy to maneuver into place at the borders of your lawn and they’ll do a wonderfully neat and professional job. 

For those looking to get more of a leisurely workout from their lawn trimming, there are also electric lawn edgers that are entirely handheld (no rollers or wheels). Again, these can be battery-powered or mains-charged. It’s up to you – what do you prefer? 

In general, these light hand-held electric lawn edgers are ideal for more intricate jobs – even for larger lawns. So if you’re looking for the best lawn edger for curves on a flowerbed, for instance, then you can’t go far wrong with one of these electric and cordless versions. 

 2. Larger Lawns

If you’re the owner of a big lawn – or you’re a professional gardener that frequently works on larger projects – then be prepared for some physical labor. For this type of task, a gasoline-powered lawn edger maybe your preferred weapon of choice. A gas lawn edger is, of course, cordless. It’s also more robust than most of the electric lawn edgers on the market.

For big lawns and gardens, you need a tool that is going to get the job done at speed and be reliable. A larger lawn will have long stretches of straight edges and, therefore, won’t need the intricate capabilities of the smaller electric handheld tools. A paid-by-the-hour gardener needs a tool that can get the job done quickly and to a high-standard – before moving on to the next task. A gas lawn edger is going to provide this utility. 

The Environment

Now for some further ponderings. The environment. Of course, a battery-powered or mains-charged electric lawn edger is going to be much kinder to the environment than a gas-guzzling beast. Considering you’ll be trimming the edges of your lawn at least every couple of weeks through spring and summer – an electric version might be the best lawn edger for you if you’re really focused on caring for the environment. 

Combination Requirements

It’s unlikely that anyone with a super-small garden would realistically find a need for a gasoline-powered lawn edger. However, those with larger gardens to maintain could find themselves needing a combination of tools to complete the job to a satisfactory standard. The gas lawn edger can be used for the long stretches of straight lawn borders, whilst the nimble hand-held electric lawn edgers can be used for the intricate flowerbed work.

On-Going Costs

A gasoline-powered lawn edger needs… well… gasoline to keep it in business. This tool will need constant refueling. Maybe even several times in one day – if your lawn is that big. Buying jerrycans full of gas is certainly going to cost more money than turning on the mains-supply to charge an electric lawn edger.

Gasoline-powered lawn edgers also have more moving parts. These will need to be replaced more frequently than anything on a cordless lawn edger unit. So consider on-going maintenance costs.

What Is The Best Lawn Edger For Me?

As we’ve discussed, there are a number of factors that you need to take into consideration before purchasing your lawn edger. So, there really is no single answer to; ‘’What is the best lawn edger?’’. 

Once you’ve decided upon the right type of lawn edger for the duties it will be required to fulfill – go search online for lawn edger reviews. You’ll find a number of different models and brands – all providing lawn edger tools that will fit your needs. These brands sell their tools at varying price-points. Most expensive doesn’t necessarily mean ‘’better’’. So be careful. 

The lawn edger reviews for each product are your best friend. Pay close attention to them and the feedback that other customers are giving. You’ll be able to read about the pros and cons of a product and whether it’s going to genuinely suit your needs or not. You’ll then be able to make your decision on what you think is the best lawn edger for you. 

A Question…

So now the question is, what experiences have you had whilst shopping for the best lawn edgers online and in stores? Are there any further factors that you think should be considered?