Home Improvement Projects that Require Scaffolding

With the weather fine (in the most part) and jobs needing to be done in time for winter, which always comes around sooner than we’d like, the number of homes you will see with scaffolding up is likely to be higher than ever. 

For a great number of projects including some painting jobs, clearing the gutters and windows you can get away with a sturdy ladder, but there are a good number of projects that necessitate a more professional set-up, involving a sturdier construction to allow safe working at height.

When you do pass houses with scaffolding erected perhaps you wonder just what they are having done to require the use of such a structure. This article explores some of the more common home improvement projects that take advantage of scaffolding along with a rough idea of costing for the hire of scaffold. 

Replacing or cleaning gutters

I know we said that cleaning of the gutters can be carried out with the aid of a sturdy ladder, but this does depend on the particularities of the roof and how awkward sections of it are to reach. If there is any doubt over health and safety then scaffolding is definitely recommended. For replacing gutters you will also be very likely to need scaffolding as it is a longer job and any risk is heightened.

The building of an extension

Any home extension that involves the first floor or above is likely to mean the need for scaffolding. In addition, you will require scaffolding for any kind of loft conversion. A reputable scaffolding company will be able to set up in a way to ensure maximum health and safety as well as increased efficiency for getting the job done in a timely manner. This can be done in conjunction with your builder to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Paint jobs

While you will obviously get away with a ladder or steps for small or otherwise low down paint jobs, for external paint jobs involving upper floors – especially in big town houses – scaffolding will be required to make sure the job is carried out safely. Your painter or decorator may insist on scaffolding if they deem it necessary for the job at hand. Scaffolding also makes it far easier to secure tools and paints as well as move horizontally along the platform to paint, which will be a boost to safety but also to the speed at which the job can be carried out.


Re-cladding is a job whose objective is the replacement of the outer cladding of the building’s facade.  If your existing cladding fails or is rendered unsafe you will need to embark on this project. Re-cladding work involves the shifting of a plethora of bulky and weighty materials up and down and the contractor will need scaffolding to ensure he can concentrate on carrying his loads without the worry of falling off a ladder. Scaffolding is certainly the best option for working at height in this context.

Other exterior refurbishment projects

Scaffolding will prove to be the best choice for some other projects including window repair and replacement of high up, or difficult to reach windows, chimney or roof repair. If you live high up in an apartment building or have a large town house, you may even need scaffolding for window cleaning work.

An idea of costing

Most scaffolding hire companies will offer flexible hire arrangements allowing for peace of mind should scheduling not go to plan. Scaffold hire does vary depending on which part of the country you live in, but as of 2021, the cost on average is £875 per week for a 2 storey semi-detached house and lower for most other kinds of scaffolding. Single scaffolding (up to 10m) averages £625 per week.