Home Office Ideas for Small Spaces

Obviously not everyone’s job would allow them to work from home but for those people who could, perhaps the majority would welcome the opportunity.  Working from home can bring many benefits to your working day, such as avoiding the daily commuter rush which saves money as well as time, spending more time with your family and giving more flexibility to your daily routine. However, it can perhaps be challenging to concentrate as it can be difficult to escape distractions and find focus in a room/environment that you normally use for your leisure time.

A productive working space can be achieved with just a few smart changes to even the smallest of available spaces. Areas which are not being used to their full potential such as the under stair cupboard, a dark corner, your garden shed or outhouse, or that tiny box room, too small for a bed that needs a clear out, these are all good places to start. The ideas below for home offices in small spaces might help you to create the ideal office at home.

Desks for Small Home Office Spaces

Most likely, someone working from home will need a desk and will probably be using a computer or laptop at that desk.  If you are using a small space then the desk will be small likewise.  It should however be bore in mind that you could spend many hours sat at it so, together with the chair they should be as comfortable and ergonomic as can be achieved. Try to ensure a good height for desk in relation to chair, sufficient room for legs underneath and have the computer screen positioned so as not to be looking down at it whilst working.

Objects with multiple functionalities could be used to make a desk such as a chest of drawers, two drawer filing cabinet etc with perhaps a piece of work surface for the desktop.  A small desk area means less room for clutter to build up so having drawers to use underneath will help lessen the clutter on top.  Shelves above the desk itself would be a great way to save on floor space whilst providing stylish and easily accessible storage too and will reduce the temptation to use the working space on the desk.

Home Office Decor and Colour Schemes

If your office space is a corner of a larger room, why not consider painting a contrasting colour in just the corner, calming or vibrant whichever you prefer or adding a couple of strips of wallpaper in the very corner? It’ll mean you associate that space and colour with work, and might help you achieve that important working state of mind more easily. 

If your office is the small spare bedroom or basement, creating a bright, fresh, contemporary environment will obviously make for a much more attractive place to spend your time working.

Home Office Lighting

It is obviously imperative to have sufficient light to work by.  Make the most of the natural light available to the space/room by using mirrors and light shades of paint – such as off white colours to keep the space warm and inviting. 

Spaces lacking in natural light will need a bright overhead light ideally backed up by lamps or other concentrated light sources nearer the desk space itself. Adding lighting for ambience can also help in making a small space more attractive.