Top-Tips To Creating The Perfect Home Office

Whether you’re converting your attic or your garage, one ideal use for the new space is a personal office. This is great if you work from home, but is also useful if you just need to do some paperwork or research in a designated space. 

Many people choose to turn their new space into an office once the conversion is complete, but you can get even more from the room if you plan ahead in advance. Here are just a few of our tips for creating the perfect home office when considering a conversion in your property.

Give Yourself Space

If you’ve got the space to do the conversion and you’re sure it will be home office, ensure you go all in. Give yourself the space you need and don’t worry about keeping everything tucked away. It’s especially important to have everything you need if you work from home – you want to be able to separate home and work and have everything to hand so it’s better to get this right the first time around.

Consider The Flow

Following on from the previous point, although you should use the space available, you should ensure that the room has a flow. If your work has a process; from computer, to printing, to a craft area, keep these things aligned so that when you do your work or carry out your hobby, you don’t go back and forth wasting time. 

Spread the flow out, work from left to right and, if your work involves a lot of movement, ensure the space is clear for you to move through easily. No one wants to be frustrated on a daily basis.

Allow Plenty Of Light In

Natural light is great for so many reasons, it will improve your mood, it’s good for your general health and it helps to brighten up a room. Keep the walls a light colour and consider a window which will let you get some fresh air in when summer hits. A bright, breezy room will create a much happier atmosphere to work in.

If you do require darkness for part of your work, whether it involves projection work or work on screens, you can have blackout blinds or curtains to help cut the glare and give you darkness on cue.

Get The Best Chair

You’re going to be sitting in your home office a lot if you work from home, so don’t scrimp on your chair. Get something comfortable but practical, you don’t need a recliner but you also don’t want a rickety old wooden dining room chair. You’ll thank yourself later down the line when your back doesn’t ache and your productivity is through the roof.