How to create a multifunctional room in your outdoor building

We’ve all been spending a lot more time at home and it looks like the rise in homeworking and also home leisure activities are here to stay. But if you have invested in adding an external structure to your garden, does it have to just be an office or games room? Or can you turn that space into a multi-functional room and, if so, how? 

Business and pleasure 

Investing in a home office, or any external structure often comes at a significant cost, so why limit what you can use it for? An office outside of the home will only require certain fundamental items — strong Wifi is a given, a good desk and a decent office chair and you’re pretty much done. Now depending on the size of the outdoor building you have invested in you should have some space for some fun stuff to turn your office into a space for fun too, here are our top choices for the executive space that would also be at home in a silicon valley breakout area. 

A Retro Games Machine: 

One of these machines could work well as part of your daily home office-based work. Smashed that latest Zoom conference call? Treat yourself to a game of Street Fighter 2. Did your boss just tell you off again over Skype? Take it out on Mortal Kombat. They also don’t take up a huge amount of space in your office and only require a plug. 

Anyone for Tennis?

A table tennis table may invoke images of the youth club of your younger days but not only is playing table tennis great exercise it’s also a good a wholesome activity for all the family. Be warned though, table tennis tables can be on the large side but can be folded away and also easily transported outside when the weather allows. 

Table football

A table football doesn’t just need to be the preserve of a funky digital agency. This simple and timeless game is something that all of the family can get involved in. Not much skill is involved (remember, no spinning!) and it will keep the football nut of casual gamers entertained. A table football game is accessible and not a huge dominator of space. 

A Jukebox

A jukebox is surely the apex of a multi-functional unit that can be used whilst you’re at work and play. With all this working from home you might not want to listen to those same podcasts and actually listen to the vinyl that you have been avidly collecting for so long. You can just hit play on your jukebox (CD and vinyl versions are available) and listen to your back catalogue whilst you file those accounts or type out that strategy document.

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