Kitchen Design Ideas for 2022

If your current kitchen is in need of a complete overhaul, the chances are high you are currently on the hunt for kitchen ideas. A new kitchen can be quite the investment so it’s important to spend enough time gaining inspiration and making sure you know what will fit your needs and interior best. Luckily, we have Pinterest and Instagram to browse for inspiration and one of our favourites things to do is to create a vision board. This is essentially a board with images of your dream kitchen, or images of specific decorative details that you may like. Once you have established your desired kitchen, it’s time to start looking for companies who can help you to design the kitchen of your dreams. And that’s not as easy as it sounds. 

What to consider when designing your kitchen

There are a few things to think about when you’re designing a new kitchen. If your current kitchen is outdated, you are probably very excited to finally get a luxurious kitchen that includes everything you have ever dreamed of. But in our enthusiasm, we often forgot some of the most important (but maybe less exciting) things when it comes to kitchen supplies. Whilst the design of a kitchen is important and probably the most fun to redesign, it’s also important to create a practical kitchen. What kind of capacity do you need in your fridge and freezer, for example? Where do you plan to install a dishwasher and what is the most logical place to set up your coffee machine? When designing a new kitchen, there are a lot more things to consider than what first comes to mind. That’s why it can be helpful to talk to a professional kitchen designer that can help you to design the bespoke kitchen that is perfect both visually and practically.

Why should you choose a bespoke kitchen design?

A bespoke kitchen means that the space is designed for you. If you have a bigger family, need more drawer space for cooking utensils or maybe an island to accommodate extra guests at dinners, having a designer work on your kitchen means that it will be created with your needs in mind.

In addition to it being personal and one-of-a-kind, your bespoke kitchen will also be more functional. Durability is a big plus when it comes to designing your kitchen space. As you are putting more time and investing money into having your cabinets, drawers and cupboards built, the craftsmanship will also be high-quality. This ensures that you won’t need as much maintenance on your kitchen in the future. 

Choosing a Bespoke kitchen designer

Park House Kitchens is a luxury kitchen design and installation company based on the border of Surrey and West Sussex. The company was founded Trish Rowland in 1992 and has since built a solid reputation for the services that they offer. Later in the company’s development, it was taken over by Emily Rowland, Trish’s daughter. With the same creative eye and a degree in design, the transition was seamless and Park House Kitchens continued to build it’s amazing recognition.