Kitchen Remodelling Projects that Add Home Value

Consider the amount of time you spend each day in your kitchen. Do you enjoy your time in your kitchen space? A kitchen is one of the most fundamental spaces in a home. A kitchen brings a family together and is a social gathering point. Well, with this significance in mind, it only makes sense that kitchen be livable, attractive, and add value to homes.

While countless home remodelling projects can add significant value to your real estate, very few come close to the value conferred by kitchen remodelling. If you plan on a home remodel, particularly in the kitchen, the services of home remodelling contractors will ensure that you get the best value for the costs incurred. When well chosen, several kitchen remodelling projects will significantly increase tour home value.

Consider an Upgrade on Appliances

Most home buyers are keen on spending on houses that have update, high-quality and, of course, functioning appliances. Buyers, when thinking about potential houses, envision themselves in kitchen spaces furnished with upgraded kitchen appliances.

There is no doubt that such an upgrade may be quite costly, but this remodeling project is one of the easiest, fastest, and has the potential to attract numerous buyers.

As a home owner, you can take of frequent offers on sales that companies give. This will ensure that the costs come down and one hires the best home remodeling contractors. So, if considering a home remodel that increases value, an upgrade on your fridge, oven, or your dishwasher may be one way to go.

Importantly, most house buyers look out for energy-efficient kitchen appliances. Since a buyer is looking to save money too, the new appliances should use less energy and be friendly to the environment.

Revamp Kitchen Cabinets

Repainting and adding some new hardware to your kitchen is a great remodelling project that boosts a houses’ value. In a home remodel focusing on the kitchen, cabinets carry a huge share of the total kitchen renovation costs.

You can thus choose to work on the cabinets only and you will still increase your home value significantly. Cabinets can be redone such that that the heights are added without necessarily requiring total dismantling. By repainting, cabinets get a new look that may attract potential buyers.

Just like you would not gamble with sensitive projects like roof replacement, you should look for experienced home remodelling contractors for kitchen cabinets remodelling.

You can even go as far as to use unique ceramic knobs on the cabinet doors. Highlighting your attention to detail and perfectly balancing the style and careful consideration for the home.

Introduce Some New Lighting Fixtures

A home remodel is not cheap but when well done by experienced home renovation contractors, the effort will be well worth it. When a kitchen is well lit, it is likely to quickly draw attention to visitors and potential buyers.

For instance, one can opt to remodel their kitchen by replacing old and outdated mount lights with the more stylish and state-of-the-art pendant ones. Cumulatively, a person spends about three to four years of their lives in the kitchen.

It makes no sense that one spends such an amount of time in a boring and poorly lit kitchen. If you feel the desire to add your home value, consider working on your lighting. If the lamps are too bright or unfriendly to the eyes, consider reworking on the same.

Kitchens set the feel, mood, and pace for the remaining rooms. As such, one may make the choice to buy or decline a purchase of a house based on the lighting. Working on the kitchen lighting, therefore, is a good remodelling angle that would subsequently increase the value of a house.

Redo the Kitchen Painting

Kitchen remodelling, even when done by experienced home remodelling contractors, can be quite costly. In fact, the prices scale to thousands of dollars. However, one can get a good bargain and still improve their home value by hitting the kitchen with a fresh paint coat.

One can select a fresh and modern colour to update the look of their kitchen. In fact, the kitchen walls may be a big turnoff, especially when they do not reflect light adequately to provide a warm and homely feeling.

Importantly, when repainting, one ought to go for low VOC paints as the kitchen transforms to become more eco-friendly. Repainting can provide a “new home, fresh starts” feeling to a home. If looking for a kitchen remodelling project that improves home value, one can consider repainting. It is affordable, yet effective.

The Kitchen Floors

Every home buyer needs a kitchen with a beautiful finish. Potential home buyers also look into surfaces that are easy to clean and maintain some shine.

One can thus consider new or refinished kitchen flooring as this upgrade has become increasingly popular. Recent research indicates that remodelling your kitchen with hardwood floors is likely to yield a significant amount on returns. That said, you need qualified home remodelling contractors for such projects.

Similarly, you when your home remodel is on the kitchen, home renovation contractors will guide on the best flooring for maximum value. Hardwood flooring, for instance, is preferred for its durability, shine, ease of cleaning, and can withstand scratches.