The Money Saving Benefits of Kitchen Spraying

The kitchen is said to be the centrepiece of every home, home décor trends are always changing and your kitchen may quickly start looking out of date. When a kitchen begins to look outdated, most homeowners consider replacing it with a brand new one. At  the very least they think about replacing the drawer fronts and doors. It is a significant project, and especially if a completely new kitchen is being fitted. With kitchen spraying, old kitchen cabinets could be recovered and repainted, eliminating the need for replacement.

Here are some of the advantages of having your kitchen cabinets painted, as well as an explanation of what will be done:

Kitchen Respraying Has Its Advantages

Replacing your entire kitchen might set you back hundreds of pounds, not to mention the cost of hiring a professional company to rip out your old kitchen and dispose of it. The price of new kitchen cabinets, doors, and drawer fronts will soon begin to mount up; this does not include any new appliances you may require. A brand new kitchen in the United Kingdom costs an average of £8,000, which does not account for installation!

Many homeowners consider this a significant sum of money, and one of the reasons kitchen spraying is becoming more popular. Painting your current kitchen will be far less expensive than fitting a new one. It’s simple to re-paint cupboard doors and drawer fronts that are in good shape. If you just want to change and update the colour scheme of your kitchen, this solution is ideal.

This is an excellent choice for landlords who want to improve the appearance of their kitchens quickly and inexpensively, whether they are searching for new tenants or refreshing it up for existing ones.

Much quicker turnaround

If you were to replace your entire kitchen, you’d first need to hire a kitchen fitter to come around and measure the room. They’ll come to your home and precisely measure your kitchen, after which they’ll have to leave and prepare a sketch/plan of the units you’ll need for your new kitchen. Then you’ll have to pick which new units you want to install. After that, you’ll need to purchase your new items and wait weeks for delivery. In the meanwhile, you’ll have to get rid of your old kitchen in some manner. The kitten fitter will then spend a week installing the new units.

All of this may take up a significant amount of time, but if you choose to have your current kitchen sprayed, the procedure can be completed in just a few days!

Loads of colours to choose from

There are hundreds of options for colours when it comes to having a kitchen resprayed, and most spraying firms can usually match whatever you want for a perfect appearance. The RAL colour range is typically used, although the excellent quality and increasingly more trendy Farrow & Ball colour range are available.

No as intrusive  & reduced mess

If you replace your kitchen entirely, the mess can quickly get out of hand. Dust from removing the old units and appliances may cover your home’s surfaces, and you’ll have to clean all of your house’s rooms until the new ones are installed.

Ripping out a kitchen has significant implications for how you live your life on a daily basis, such as whether or not you’ll be able to cook your food. Will you be washing your dishes and mugs in the bath for a few weeks until your new kitchen is finished?

Spray painting is a simple procedure that uses no mess, just remove cupboard doors and spray them offsite, and the only real mess is with the masking films and paper used to conceal surfaces that don’t require a new colour. These masking materials may easily be placed in your wheelie bin; there’s no need to pay for skips

The Kitchen Spraying Process

The Preparation

To apply spray paints to your kitchen doors and drawer fronts, they must be completely cleaned of all grime, grease, and dirt that is endemic in every kitchen. If the old colour does not adhere properly to the surfaces, the new one will not either.

Units Masked & Removal of Doors and Drawer Fronts

Before they are sprayed, the doors and drawer fronts are removed from the units. The majority of spraying businesses will carefully transport them back to their industrial facility, where they will be sprayed in a dust-free environment.

Feature panels in the kitchen that can’t be taken down are completely covered with paper, plastic, and tape to avoid any overspray on surfaces not intended to have a new colour applied.

Spray Painting

Spray painting a kitchen is the only way to get a professional look. Some DIY methods on YouTube make use of tiny sponge rollers, but the finish produced is far superior than that obtained with a paint brush. The finish you can achieve with a spray gun is unbeatable!

In Conclusion

Many homeowners and landlords are seeking for more cost-effective ways to extend the life of their kitchen cupboard doors, giving them a fresh, modern look. One of the finest methods to accomplish this is to spray paint them in a new sleek colour that accents the rest of the house design.