Tips for creating a stress-free kitchen

Health and wellbeing are increasingly important topics this year, and with many of us spending more of our day in the kitchen than anywhere else in our home, establishing a space that contributes to our wellness is a wonderful opportunity to inspire a positive long-term impact. Ensuring your interior is easy to keep clean, practical to use and calming to look at will create a tranquil atmosphere for a stress-free kitchen that’s a joy for cooking, socialising and relaxing. 

Consider Your Layout

Create Zones Based on Function

To make your kitchen incredibly quick and convenient to use try to create specific practical areas where everything you need for your task is within easy reach. For example, create a tidy zone that includes your dishwasher, sink and crockery and utensil drawers for super speedy washing up or make a hot drinks area with a cupboard for tea and coffee nearby your mugs, kettle, tap and fridge. This will streamline the way you use your space and limit mess to confined zones.

Make Space for All the Family

Dinner time is a wonderful opportunity to get everyone involved in helping in the kitchen. Not only will this make cooking quicker, but it’s a wonderful chance to spend quality time together, setting the tone for a great family meal. Encouraging your family to take an interest in their food is also a proven way to boost healthy eating.

To ensure this wholesome activity doesn’t descend into chaos, it’s essential to make sure everyone has a spacious place to work. A kitchen island is a fantastic way to introduce additional worktop space, as well as this, be sure to leave at least 1200mm around key appliances such as ovens and dishwashers to make sure they don’t obstruct walkways.

Practical Features

Plenty of Storage

The key to a hassle-free cooking experience is, as always, plenty of storage space. No one wants to waste time emptying the whole contents of the cupboard to reach one ingredient and there’s nothing relaxing about a kitchen cluttered with jars of spices, bottles of oil and other paraphernalia.

When planning your kitchen storage consider including plenty of deep drawers in your design, this makes, pots, pans, crockery and even cooking ingredients much easier to reach. Neatly organised display storage is a great way to add character to your kitchen without incumbering worksurfaces and will also make your interior feel more spacious. With plenty of storage, everything has its place so you can relax and focus on cooking.

Durable Surfaces

Spend less time cleaning and more time doing what you love by choosing easy to maintain surfaces. Acrylic composite and quartz worktops are incredibly stain-resistant and easy to wipe clean. When choosing your cabinetry opt for an easy-care paint finish, avoid gloss or metal finishes that show up marks. Likewise, patterned splashbacks with a smooth surface will disguise mess and are much quicker to wipe clean than tiles.


Create a Tranquil & Uplifting Atmosphere

Natural Light

Allowing as much natural daylight into your space as possible will keep it feeling bright, airy and optimistic. Curtains and shutters can impede light from entering your kitchen, even just obstructing your windows by an inch can make a big difference. Consider retiring your window coverings all together for a simple and cost-effective way to enhance natural light. A more radical solution would be to increase the size of your windows or add skylights.

Calming Colour Scheme

Opt for a graceful neutral colour scheme to bring peace and tranquillity to your home. Natural earthy tones such as greys or beiges will create a gentle sense of warmth while keeping the shade light and bright will ensure your design feels fresh and inviting. Pair with splashes of white for a crisp clean environment.

Time Saving Technology

Super-Fast Steam Oven

There’s nothing wrong with resorting to some technological innovation to help boost the functionality of your kitchen. Many of the latest oven models come with self-cleaning systems for the ultimate in modern convenience. Combine this with speedy steam cooking technology and you’ll have a perfectly cooked flavoursome and nutritious meal ready in minutes.

Boiling Water Tap

As well as having quick and convenient access to boiling and filtered water whenever you desire, a hi-tech water tap eliminates the need for a separate kettle so you can also keep your worktops clear for practical use and clutter-free for complete peace of mind. A boiling water tap is a wonderful energy efficient and safe choice for a stress-free family kitchen.

Excellent Extraction

For a calming and enticing kitchen, you will want to ensure the space stays free of unpleasant cooking odours and this means investing in a good quality cooker hood. Pungent aromas can be quite overwhelming so make sure this is taken care of by choosing a state-of-the-art extraction system.

Our tips should help you to understand both the aesthetic and practical features that will allow you to design the ultimate kitchen that combines sleek usability with calming and minimal good looks. Embrace your passion for cooking and enjoy spending time with friends and family by creating a wonderfully tranquil and stress-free kitchen environment in Devon today.