Strangest Things Found In The Loft

Our lofts are often used to store all of the things we find too unsightly and too cumbersome to keep in our home. It can be chock full of souvenirs from holidays, childrens toys, memorabilia or even furniture you were too reluctant to throw out.

But what happens when you forget to ever have a clear out of your loft? And what happens to your things when you pass on? If you’ve constantly squirrelled your possessions away then you or your loved ones might come across the odd surprise in the loft some day, but chances are you won’t find anything as strange as the following items.

The Case of The Fake Mummy

Remember that ancient, mummified corpse you brought back from your last trip to Egypt? No, neither did one elderly couple from Germany. Their Grandson discovered the corpse in his grandparents attic one day, complete with it’s own decorative sarcophagus. Apparently it was picked up on a trip to Northern Africa in the 1950s.

The remains were taken away for examination and it was found that the skull was real, but the rest of the body was plastic. It appeared to be a regular human skull, probably used as a medical example, while the rags used for embalming gave away the fact that this wasn’t a genuine Egyptian mummy.

The Case of The Missing Comic

Things in lofts don’t usually improve much in value, but there are a few items that really do rocket in price due to their scarcity and future popularity. Over in the states, one man found such an item – a first edition Action Comics magazine. This magazine is popular and valuable because it contains Superman’s first appearance. 

While fixing up the newly purchased property, the man found the comic in a stash in a hidden room. It was later torn in an argument with his partner, a tear which cost them tens of thousands of dollars! Mint copies of this magazine can fetch millions, so keep your eyes peeled and don’t squabble with your loved ones.

The Case of Hitler’s Forbidden Records

There are certain composers who it is known that Hitler liked, but those he did not like were forbidden, their records locked away. When Hitler finally fell, his headquarters were raided by the Russian military, some of whom took it upon themselves to sequester his possessions.

Decades later, a daughter of one of the Russian commanders would find a stash of records in her father’s attic.  Tchaikovsky, Borodin and Rachmaninoff were among the people Hitler considered to be “subhuman”.

The Case of The Live Hand Grenades

Just last year in the quiet suburbs of America, one discovery in an old attic was made which can definitely be labelled as “explosive”. Live hand grenades were uncovered – four of them in fact. What anyone would store these in their home for, casually dumped in the attic, is anyones guess. The local bomb disposal team was called out and the grenades were then taken away to a remote area to be detonated. 

The Case of The Creeper In The Loft

So far we’ve dealt with inanimate objects found up in people’s lofts, but back in 2009 one man, suspicious about his food going missing, set up a video camera in the hope of catching his girlfriend sneaking food out of the fridge at night.

What he found was probably the most terrifying thing you could ever wish to see. Playing back footage, he found that there was a homeless woman living in the loft space of his apartment. She routinely snook out quietly in the night to steal food and urinate in the sink – the woman was eventually taken away but it’s still not known how she managed to make her way in (or how long she had been there!).