Top Home Renovation Mistakes People Make

There are some very common mistakes people make when undertaking or planning home renovations. It can be a job difficult to do, even if you’ve done something like it before it will usually be a different test of your nerves. Before you even begin your process you might want to take a look at our list, check these factors have all been considered before you begin…or nod in agreement if you’ve already made any of these mistakes!

Paying Upfront

Paying Upfront – By paying upfront you are asking for disaster. What if they leave half way through a job? It is better to pay in instalments using an agreed plan before the work starts based on what has been done. If they try to hassle you for the money upfront then look elsewhere.

Hiring Cowboys

Paying upfront isn’t necessarily the tactic of cowboys but it does happen. They will also cut corners, use the wrong tools and materials and should be avoided altogether. Make sure you get good references before you hire anyone to start work.

Using Cheap Materials

You can lose out yourself by purchasing sub-standard materials for the work you want carrying out. You save money short term but in the long term cheap materials are just that: cheap. They look cheap and will no doubt be more likely to cause a fault than quality products which cost a little more.

Avoiding Green Materials

While on the subject of materials, why would you avoid using green materials? By using green technology now you might pay a little more but in the long term you will save more money on your bills. You lower you’re carbon footprint too this way.

Don’t Forget Safety

If you go gung-ho into any work you’re liable to cause an accident. This is one of the most common mistakes people make with home renovations. Whether you’re doing the work or someone else is, make sure you wear safety glasses, gloves, a helmet and safety shoes.

Mixing Up Styles

It could be fun to have a different theme for each room but when you’re planning renovations make sure they are in keeping with your décor. If you’ve purchased a particular type of house because you like the period then don’t ruin it by adding a totally opposing style at random.

Not Budgeting Correctly

It is extremely rare for a project of any size to come in under budget, the best advice is to save enough money to afford more than you need. This way, if anything goes wrong you can afford to fix it and you won’t be left scrambling for money if the project goes over budget. In essence, give yourself a cushion.

DIY Disaster

Do It Yourself is sometimes the worst advice, unless you’re an experienced builder/designer then you’re going to need help. If you weigh in without any real knowledge you could find yourself in a very difficult position, paying more than you would have initially to fix the damage.

Changes Cost Money

Some people can be very particular about what they want, and this isn’t a bad thing, but you need to establish exactly what you want before you even start. Once the work is done and approved it could be costly and time consuming to change, even new designs will cost you money.

Don’t Go Overboard

Finally, too many people get a rush of blood to the head when they start home renovations. What can start as peeling wallpaper off to repaint can end up with the wall being knocked through and chaos reigning down over everything. Don’t go overboard and remember that not everything needs to be trashed, you might be able to reuse materials or work around tricky spots.