Create Warmth in your Home in a More Environmentally Friendly Way

The environment and our climate, is an often-discussed topic of debate in our society and in politics these days. Many of us wish to do our part to help protect our planet, by making greener choices in our everyday life. One area, where one can look at making more environmentally friendly choices, is in the way we heat our homes.

Which is the Greenest Heat Source?

There are many different ways you can choose to heat your home, including district heating, oil-fired boiler, wood burning stove etc. Primary heating sources like these, all have pros and cons – one on the major cons being, that they are often fueled by fossil fuels, which can be both harmful for the environment and your health. A way to create warmth in the home, in a greener way, is to use secondary heat sources. 

In recent times, new ways, to create warmth, have arisen. One method, that has become very popular is bioethanol fireplaces. The ethanol fireplace has, in recent years, become a widespread choice of fireplace. And it is understandable!

A bio fireplace works as a secondary heat source in the home, and can create both heat and a cosy atmosphere! Especially in new constructions, where the standards for insulation are quite high, and which are generally very well-insulated, a bioethanol fire can be a great choice, as it at times can substitute other heating sources.
For example, if you have rooms in your home, that you do not use daily, then a bio fireplace can be used to heat in just the areas where you are. In this way, you save both on the heating bill and help to protect the environment.

Why Choose a Bioethanol Fireplace?

The bio-fireplace has a number of advantages over other types of fireplaces, such as gas fireplaces or wood burning stoves. First, a biofireplace does not emit the same environmentally harmful particles, as a wood stove does, and it burns on the sustainable fuel, bioethanol. The bioethanol fire is, thus, a greener choice of heat source.

In addition, the installation of a bio fire is a much easier process than with the other types of fireplaces. A gas fireplace must be installed with an extractor, and by an authorized installer, which makes the gas fireplace both more expensive and more cumbersome to install.

Some of the same issues applies to a wood stove – it must be installed with a chimney, which limits the possibilities of where and how it can be placed. At the same time, a wood-burning stove requires a lot of cleaning, while a bio-fireplace is largely clean-free.

They Many Possibilities a Bio Fireplace Gives you

As mentioned, a bio ethanol fireplace provides a large range of possibilities for installation. This is because ethanol fireplaces need nothing but oxygen to burn, and it burns clean, meaning you do not need a chimney or flue.

Therefore, biofireplaces are also available in a huge selection of different types. There is everything from wall- and ceiling-mounted fireplaces to free-standing floor or table fireplaces, or built-in bioethanol-fireplaces. Therefore, there is pretty much a bio fireplace for every home.

A ceiling or wall-mounted bio ethanol fireplace, allows you to have a fireplace in even the smallest homes, while a free-standing bio fireplace makes it possible to move and place your fireplace exactly how you wish – you can also bring it out on the terrace or the balcony, to create extra coziness and warmth on those warm summer evenings.

And last but not least, you can build a bio fireplace into the wall – with flame views from up to 4 angles. It creates a very modern and exclusive look in the home.

The Bioethanol Fireplace – the greener and more flexible choice

To sum up, the bio fireplace is the obvious choice, if you want a fireplace that is environmentally friendly and, at the same time, creates warmth in your home. It burns clean, so you do not have to worry about unhealthy pollution, it is virtually free of cleaning and it can be installed in many different ways. Bio fireplaces comes in many designs and types, so there is surely one that fits your needs!