Art of Decorating your Home

Wanting your interiors to flaunt a little more beauty and elegance? Do you want to personalise and customise your house, including door handles? How about coming with some décor ideas?

These ideas will be easy, fun and engaging, while making your house look elegant and completely yours. There are various DIY ideas and simple projects that you can try in your leisure time. At times they tend to become so fascinating that you’ll crave to come up with more ideas and delve deeper into them as a hobby. So, to get you started, you can rely on these artistic ideas for decorating your home. 


Candles add a soft glow and warmth to your home. They are the ideal item when it comes to illuminating a dull home. To add a that warm and elegant glow, simply ditch the candle holders. Try out this craft yourself with a little sea salt, some tea candles, and an empty glass jar. After wiping these jars clean and add some sea salt to its base. Place a tea candle within the jar and adorn a little space of your home with it. 


Adding a few customisable coasters to your table is a useful and affordable option. Imagine down the line where you’re supposed to entertain more guests at your place with only a few coasters. You can have a difficult time cleaning those stains off your table. Those stains are going to make your coffee table appear ugly. Stock up some cork tiles and cardstock fabric to get started. 

Yarn Lamps

You can hang those yarn ball hollow lamps around you. Depending upon your lampshade choice, you can come up with some thin yarn strands and a round balloon to get started. Then take out some spray paint, craft glue, and hooks. It is a perfect way to add a cozy and contemporary appeal to your house. 


When it comes to your home decor, you need to develop a unique and organised storage solution for your home. Baskets are a great idea for storing jewellery, clips, keys, and small kinds of stuff. You can make them quickly from scratch. All you need is hot gun glue, spray paint, and a stout rope. Place this basket on the coffee table or your study table. 

Knife Holders and Salt Shakers

If you want to come up with some DIY ideas inside your kitchen, look no further than knife holders. While enhancing your kitchen’s safety quotient, it can add aesthetic value to your kitchen. Besides, you can add a few salt shakers to your dining table for sprinkling salt or pepper.

Shelves and Door Handles

Add a few colourful wooden shelves and door handles to organise the collection of your favourite books, flaunting your showpieces and adding vividness to your space.

Glass Trays

It’s time to ditch your cliché trays. You can design a new one from scratch within no time. Give a try to this tray with mirrored surface! Creating a tray at your home is easy and fun. Please take out a wooden tray, paint it in your favourite shade and stick a mirror to its surface with glue. This task is very quick, and you can create a beautiful, versatile tray within no time! 

Woven Decoration Pieces

Your empty walls are full of possibilities. Check the internet to learn about some simple woven techniques. Next, hang these woven decoration pieces on your room’s wall. Additionally, they have a completely different charm. Add some colours to your life by choosing contrasting and light shades of wool-like pink, white, purple, parrot green, and so on. Remember to integrate dark shades like black, brown, dark green, and so on during the knitting process. 

Mason Jars

Mason jars are in trend these days. Using these jars, you can come up with well-designed storage containers by adding creative patterns to them. You can dry them and wipe them clean and place them on a wooden block. Next, you can hang these jars on the wall. Use these jars for planting purposes and storage jars. It’s time to design a small herb garden full of medicinal plants.

Cushions and Pillows

Your house shouldn’t be deprived of decorative cushions or pillows. They add coziness, texture, and color to your homes. You can take the décor of your cushions and pillows a notch up by adding little embellishments like pearls or artificial flowers. 

All these ideas are very simple to follow and can bring a lot of difference to your home interiors.