Room Decor Hacks for Students

Looking to add your personal touch to your student space? Decorating your uni room doesn’t have to be limiting. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can transform your living space into a cosy and stylish haven. In this blog post, we’ll explore some inventive room decor hacks that won’t break the bank. 


Lighting makes all the difference, if you’re lacking that cosy feeling at night, string lights instantly bring a sense of warmth and calm when you’re winding down for bed. 

If you want to go even further with mood lighting, lamp projectors can completely transform your space into another dimension, you could opt for something more subtle like a sunset or something as dramatic as the northern lights or the solar system. 

Repurpose Everyday Items 

Get creative with items you already have – turn old crates into bookshelves, wine bottles into candle holders, or wine corks into a noticeboard. This not only saves money but also adds a unique touch to your decor.

Clever Use of Rugs 

Rugs can transform the look of a room instantly. Opt for stylish rugs that complement your colour scheme. Layering rugs or strategically placing them in different areas can create designated zones in your room and make it feel more cohesive. Affordable, good-quality rugs can be found on sites such as Vinted and Facebook Marketplace. 

Personalised Cork Board or Photo Wall 

Display memories, your favourite quotes, or important notes on a corkboard or create a photo wall. Use colourful tape or fairy lights to make it visually appealing. This not only adds a personal touch but also keeps you motivated and organised. 

Vintage Gems 

Buying pre-loved, especially if you’re a lover of eclectic, retro, or timeless styles is the perfect option, and usually works out at a fraction of the original cost. Explore online platforms such as Vinted and Facebook Marketplace or visit car boot sales and charity shops for unique decor pieces. From vintage mirrors to quirky ornaments, thrift stores are a goldmine for budget-friendly decor. 

When it comes to securing modern private student housing in London or anywhere in the UK, you can look forward to an abundance of second-hand stores and markets to sift through for all your decor needs! 

Wall Art 

Introducing wall art to your dull, blank walls is a great way of injecting colour and dimension into your room without taking up any precious floor space. To add your personal touch, you can create a personalised wall art using inexpensive materials like canvas, old magazines, or fabric scraps. Get creative with paint, stencils, or even washi tape to add a touch of your personality to your room. 

To avoid any damage to the wall and ensure you get your deposit back, use adhesive wall strips or simply prop your wall art up against a surface. 

House plants 

Looking at your room and thinking it’s missing something? Houseplants are the perfect way of filling in gaps between furniture and bringing a sense of calm to your space. The great thing about houseplants is you can

go as big or as small as you like, and they still make an impact. Before you invest in some greenery, make sure you research which plants will thrive in the light available in your room. Plants that are generally suited to all light conditions include snake plants, cacti, and pothos. 


Although we can’t see it, scent makes a huge difference to our mood and is guaranteed to bring a relaxing atmosphere to a space. Experiment with different ways of incorporating your favourite scents into your room, this can include potpourri, oil diffusers, fresh flowers and reed diffusers. 

Although you may initially feel limited with what you can do to your student space, adding your individual style couldn’t be easier with these simple-yet-effective hacks. With a bit of experimentation and imagination, you can turn your space into a reflection of your personality and create a comfortable and inspiring environment for studying and relaxation.