The Benefits of Smart Dehumidifiers

Damp and high humidity are perennial problems for countless homeowners across the UK. Condensation on the windows in winter, damp smells in the home, rotting or warping wooden furniture are common problems that can be easily prevented with a Dehumidifier. 

There are a few applications for dehumidifiers in the home that can help address specific issues you may have. We’ll go over some of those here and how Smart Dehumidifier can help you.

Preventing Condensation in Windows during Winter

Condensation is formed when warm, damp air meets a cold surface. The cold surface in this instance is the window. As the temperature outside the home lowers, the temperature inside increases.

The warm air from inside the home meets the cold windows and this causes moisture known as condensation to collect on the inside. Single glazed windows are most heavily affected by this but in the right conditions, this also occurs on double glazed windows or French doors.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to reduce the humidity in your home. Warm, dry air does not condense on cold windows. If the relative humidity in your home is between 45% – 50% relative humidity condensation will not be able to form.

Preventing Damp and Bad Smells in the Home

If you’ve been drying laundry on a clothes horse in one of the rooms in your home, it’s not uncommon to enter that room after a few hours to be greeted by a muggy feeling and a damp smell. This can be extremely bad for people in the home whose asthma is triggered by damp. 

What is happening is that when the wet clothes are heated up, the moisture from them escapes into the air in the room with nowhere else to go. 

Smart Dehumidifiers feature a Laundry Mode for this purpose. The high powered fan will draw the moisture from the clothes, pass that damp air over the condensing unit, remove the moisture and then blow dry and slightly warmer air to the room. Thereby removing moisture and helping to dry your clothes quicker!

Use of Dehumidifiers for Garages

Dehumidifiers are essential for many garages. If you’re restoring a classic car or motorcycle or even if you’re storing Christmas decorations in cardboard boxes; Ensuring that the relative humidity is kept within tolerable levels is essential.

Damp conditions can cause wood to warp and rot which would ruin your attempts to restore an old classic. This is equally true for cardboard. When this gets damp, its rigidity fails, and it can end up damaging the box and its contents. Dehumidifiers are perfect for helping to keep them dry. 

Smart Dehumidifiers are Wi-Fi compatible meaning that, as long as they are connected to the Wi-Fi, you can control them remotely, so you don’t even need to go into the garage on a cold winter’s day to turn the unit on! You can even set them to run with continuous drainage using the hose provided so you can leave them unmanned for as long as you need. A perfect solution to these problems are Devola Smart Dehumidifiers, with Wi-Fi capability and without in a range of sizes to fit any need and any budget. Air Con Centre have a range of Smart Dehumidifiers on offer and can assist you in finding the right one for you.