5 Top Tips for Designing Children’s Rooms

Designing a bedroom for children is something that brings out the inner child in all of us. It provides us with an opportunity to create the space we would have liked when we were the same age. However when thinking about designing a room for children there is a need to incorporate a certain amount of practicality alongside imagination and creativity. Children’s tastes can change quite quickly, so it is always pertinent to keep one eye on the future to ensure you are not redecorating every six months. 

The bedroom for a child can serve many purposes, it can be a playroom, study area or even provide a sanctuary away from adults. But ultimately the main purpose of a bedroom is to give your children a place of comfort and safety to sleep at the end of the day. Whatever your budget or the space you have available here are some top tips to help you design a space that your children can enjoy and flourish in. 


If you are looking to design a space that has longevity, it is advisable to pick a neutral colour for the walls. That way it will provide you with a blank canvas for any decorative objects, making it easy to react to the ever-changing tastes of whoever is in the room. If you want to add colour or patterns, maybe just limit it to one wall or possibly the ceiling. If you feel like you need to have wallpaper try and ensure that the pattern doesn’t dominate the whole room. 


The secret to a well-organised bedroom is having excellent storage, this is even more important when designing a room for children. At one time there were only a few limited options for storage. However, nowadays we are spoilt for choice with a wide range of storage containers available in all shapes and sizes. When deciding on storage you should always try to mix practicality with a sense of fun, that way children are much more likely to make use of it. Which, in turn, should help keep the room nice and tidy. 

Feature Furniture

If you have a limited budget then a bedroom makeover could be a little more challenging and require patience along with the eye for a bargain. Persistence in finding the exact piece can take time, whether that piece is a wardrobe, storage chest or bed. One way to save money is to up-cycle existing furniture with a coat of paint turning what was once a tired piece of furniture into a feature of the room. 

Dressing the Windows

Windows are often overlooked when people are doing a bedroom makeover, however, they offer lots of opportunity for creativity. One option for this are printed roller blinds, which most companies now offer in a design of your choice at very affordable prices. That way you can make your window coverings something personal to your child. They are also a very functional option to normal curtains or drapes and a lot more fun. 

Create a Hang Out Area

As we alluded to before children’s bedrooms are not just for sleeping in. They also function as a space to relax in, for study or as a playroom. A good idea is to define these areas within the room, space permitting. Maybe introduce bean bags or possibly a hanging chair, a desk for study or a play area. 

While everyone will have different ideas on the ideal bedroom space for their children hopefully the ideas outlined above will help give you some food for thought.