5 Ways To Decorate Your Child’s Bedroom

When it comes to decorating your child’s bedroom, it can be a challenging task. After all, you need something they will love both now and in the years to come. With that being said, I will be taking you through 5 ways to decorate your child’s bedroom that won’t go out of style. I go through easy ways to decorate your space as well as using particular education methods when decorating.

Keep it simple

Although it may seem like second nature to decorate your child’s bedroom in their favourite colour or theme, these things can change overnight. Therefore, I would suggest sticking to a neutral canvas and adding colour through other methods. 

A great way to add a splash of colour or pattern is through the use of wall stickers as they won’t tarnish your wall and are interchangeable as your child gets older.

Colours such as grey and magnolia never go out of style and are extremely versatile when it comes to your child’s tastes ever changing as they get older. As well as this, investing in a premium, washable paint allows you to be worry free from the event of your child going loose with a felt tip marker. Before doing this, make sure to plaster your walls beforehand to ensure the paint goes on smoothly to avoid a bad paint job. 

Furthermore, minimal furniture is always a safe bet as it can be used for years down the line, even if you choose to re-decorate with a different colour scheme. You can also buy furniture paint to give it a refresh rather than buying a new furniture set each time you decorate.

Choose your storage wisely 

When it comes to your child’s bedroom, I can guarantee there will always be books or toys cluttering the floor, hence why you need to choose your storage solutions with this in mind. They will also add to this as they get older and have things such as multiple amounts of school work to complete.

Buying a high rise bed is a great solution as you can fit storage boxes underneath to put their toys into when they are not using them. This also means they will be out of the way, so your child can have maximum floor space to play. Moreover, wardrobes that have multiple storage spaces are great for not only keeping your child’s clothes neat and tidy but also act as extra storage that again maximises the floor space for your child to be able to play. 

Some parents choose the Montessori method when decorating their child’s bedroom as it stimulates and encourages play whilst also being practical. A Montessori shelf is a great way to utilise storage equipment that is designed with children in mind to enhance their curiosity. 

Showcase their art work 

I’m sure you will most likely get an abundance of drawings and paintings produced by your little one and although they are precious, there comes a certain point when you can’t possibly fit another picture on your fridge. 

Framing your child’s artwork in their own bedroom not only adds colour in an extremely cost effective way but it also allows them to add their own personal touch in a creative way. Furthermore, it allows them to see their accomplishments without cluttering the other spaces within the house. 

Reuse furniture 

As you have probably established, sometimes children like to go wild with the colouring pens or paint and even though they mean well it may end up with you having to replace furniture or re-paint walls, which we don’t all have the money to do every time our child feels creative. 

Reusing furniture is a great way to work around this as you can paint it with chalk paint to fit the decor in your child’s bedroom and allow them to showcase their art work or practise their writing without having to paint over it.

With chalk paint, you can simply wipe off the chalk used to draw and start again, meaning endless possibilities for your child. The only downside to this is that it can take up to 3 days to dry so I would suggest painting your furniture somewhere your child can’t get to.

Create a cozy feel with fairy lights

I’m sure many of us had fairy lights in our bedroom when we were younger and loved them, I know I did! Fairy lights are a great way to add decoration and light into your child’s bedroom without being too harsh. They also come in a range of colours and designs to perfectly suit your little one.

As well as this, they can also double as a night lamp without having to worry about a bedside table, which is especially useful if you are decorating a smaller room. You can even get them with a remote so you can control when to turn them off.

If you are worried about plug sockets, not to worry as multiple sets of fairy lights are battery operated so you’re even saving your energy bill. 

Now it’s time for you to try these 5 ways to decorate your child’s bedroom

Next time you decorate your child’s bedroom, try using one or all of these methods. I can guarantee you will find one that works for you and your child. Remember to utilise your space through effective storage solutions and keep your decorating simple for when your child’s tastes change.