6 Door Decorating Ideas When Your House is For Sale

Your entrance door can make or break a sale. It’s the first thing that home buyers see and you need to ensure that it creates a good and lasting impression. Homebuyers decide within seconds of seeing a house if they’re interested. Such a decision is largely influenced by your house’s design and decor — your entrance door, most importantly. 

If you want to smoothly sell your house in no time, you need to dedicate effort to create a beautiful entrance door. But do you even know where to begin? Does your door even need some redecorating? To help you level up your home’s entrance door, we gathered six expert tips from top designers. We will also enlist things to consider when evaluating your current door. Read on and get on quickly with redecorating! 

Telltale Signs that Your Door Needs Redecorating

You don’t need to exert effort on redecorating your front door if it still looks good. But you should seriously be considering giving it a makeover if you see the following:

Structural Damage

Have your door replaced immediately if it’s badly damaged by impact incidents. Such an entry door will be hard to sell so get on with replacing it quickly!

Surface Damage

Entry doors with chipped paints and scratches don’t leave a good impression. Opting for a makeover is best if your door still looks good but it comes with cosmetic issues.

3.  Outdated Design – you will easily know it if your door feels outdated. If it doesn’t look like it belongs to your house’s overall aesthetic and it doesn’t inspire you and make you feel good anymore, then it’s a sign that it no longer aligns with you and it’s already outdated. 

6 Door Decorating Ideas When Your House is For Sale

Consider adding shine by using fresh metals!

Check on your house number. Does it leave a good impression? One with a good design and colouring can make a whole lot of difference. Make it a point that it’s big enough to be visible when someone is driving by. Ones that are too small are not noticeable and lack in adding a good impression. If it’s already big enough, then you can level up its look by using fresh metallics. 

You should also check on your handles and locks. Your handleset should look fresh and inviting. If the ones you have are already outdated, try repainting first and see how it makes a whole lot of difference!

Stick to your home’s own style. 

You could choose to not go big by simply sticking to your home’s current aesthetic. Choose redecorating ideas that will allow your entry door to fully shine and complement your home’s current look. Don’t go all English-style if you have a modern beach house! Stick to your current look and just amplify certain aspects. Going overboard is never okay!

Check the latest trends!

If you want to fully give your entry door a new look, opt to check out the latest trends in doors. Current trends may not match your personal style but it’s not your joy that we’re after but that of your prospective home buyer. You should choose a design with mass appeal. One that many people will be able to relate to. Go for neutral designs that pop. Go for a look that most people will find pleasing and appealing. You should check out shops and design stores if you’re clueless as to this matter. Rock Solid Doors sell the best doors in St Albans and you might want to drop by their shop to take a look at the latest door designs.

Opt for a natural look!

You don’t need to add anything if your door already has decorative panels or rustic embellishments. Such design elements are more than enough to make a statement. In such a case, you can opt to simply go natural and not do much work. Just polish and repaint and you’re good to go! 

If you have a plain door though, you can easily accentuate by adding a little bit of greenery here and there. A plain steel door will look extra appealing if you’d add a little touch of floral. Subtle placement of a bouquet of lavender, a magnolia wreath, or eucalyptus will do many wonders!

Think symmetry!

Is your entrance door symmetrical enough? Symmetry always attracts the eyes! Things that people find beautiful and pleasing are always symmetrical. The people with the prettiest faces have symmetrical features. You should apply this concept when redecorating your entry door!

Symmetry can be easily created by placing planters or pots on both sides of your door! You can also place a beautiful wall sconce on both sides. The more symmetrical your door is, the prettier it would look. 

Optimise with contrast!

Bright front doors are popular these days! Home stagers share how home buyers are highly attracted to houses with colourful front doors. Except for purple, that is. People don’t seem to like purple-coloured entry doors. So it’s best to avoid such shade. 

This is the case because colourful front doors effortlessly create contrast. Creating contrast is an old designer’s trick to liven up a space and elevate its aesthetic. 

To do this, you should also consider other design factors. Use accessories that pop like red flowers. Splashes of colour on a neutral backdrop always look inviting!