A Guide To Vibrant Colours

It can often feel a little gloomy during the winter months, so why not put a blast of colour into your home? This year like those before it are likely to see bold colours make a comeback according to interior design experts so this is a great time to start adding colour to your home. It’s also a great opportunity if you plan on having a loft or garage conversion in your home and need design ideas.

Your Walls

There should be no half measures when choosing vibrant colours though, as your aim to create an atmosphere which boosts your energy levels. Don’t worry about your walls though, you won’t need to paint in luminous colours, a simple white wall creates a fantastic backdrop for your colours to pop out of. 

Not keen on keeping your walls totally blank? Pick up a small tin of emulsion – pick a bright colour – and add a decal, logo or design to your wall. This way you keep the blank backdrop but you don’t have to stare at a sea of white.

Keep a Balanced Approach

The key is to not go too crazy, each room should have a little colour in it to make it feel fresh and inviting and you can do this with the odd item or piece of decoration. By taking a measured approach you can create excitement in way which isn’t too loud or off-putting.

The colours needn’t match if you have a blank backdrop, with bright pink, yellow, green, red and blue all adding together to recreate the stylish clash seen in the New York Fashion Week.

Add Some Patterns 

If you want more than just the block colours then you can choose the odd item with a little detail to it. You need to ensure you don’t over-do the patterns, utilising the odd patterned cushion or fabric can add enough, adding too much can spoil the impact of bright colours.

Find Bright Items 

As mentioned previously, if you want that clash of colours then you can pick up items in a variety of bright colours. Don’t be afraid to go bold with things such as clocks, lamps, tables and accessories. You aren’t limited to any particular store so you can mix and match from the boldest and the best.

All A Bit Too Much?

Some people might not be keen on such a lack of colour unification, if this is the case you can choose one or two bright colours and use these as your template. You can get several bright shades of the same colour and offset them against a plain background, still making use of vibrant colours but keeping a look which is more tied together. Just ensure that the colour you choose is bold enough to carry this burden alone.