5 Things to do Before Starting a Home Renovation Project

t’s natural that having decided to redevelop your home you can’t wait to get started. However, before starting to knock down walls you would be wise to remember the old adage ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail.’ Without a doubt, the most successful home renovation projects are the ones that are thoroughly researched and planned. 

Now planning won’t guarantee you won’t encounter any problems on the way, however, if you do you will be much better equipped to deal with them quickly and efficiently. So, what steps should you take before starting work to ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible. To help we have listed five things we think are an essential part of planning your home redevelopment. 

Set a Realistic Budget 

The first thing you should do is be clear on what your budget is. This should be what you can afford to spend and should have a contingency fund built-in. It is important to do this upfront as there is nothing worse than drawing up plans only to find you can’t afford it. Not only is it extremely frustrating but it is also a waste of valuable time and effort. 

Knowing your budget is vital when it comes to selecting style, materials and most importantly a contractor. One thing to consider when setting your budget is whether any work will add value to your home. Now if your current property is going to be your forever home this is not that important. However, if you are likely to be moving at a later date it is counterproductive to spend money you are unlikely to recover. 

Have a Clear and Concise Vision 

Once you have decided on your budget, it is time to start deciding on the style and look you want. Try to make sure once you have decided on materials, look and style you stick to them. Constantly changing your mind about fixtures, fittings and what type of kitchen doors or windows you want, can not only delay your project but ultimately end up taking you over budget. Another thing that is vital before starting is to check for any planning restrictions, lets face it you don’t want to build an extension only to have to knock it down. 

Take Time over Choosing Your Contractors 

Hiring the right contractors can make or break a renovation project, whether that is your choice of a builder or even skip hire in Sheffield or wherever you may be located. Always try and get recommendations from previous customers when picking your contractors and suppliers. That way you can have peace of mind that the people you choose are reliable and trustworthy. We have all heard tales of unreliable contractors who go missing for days and weeks leaving you with a half-finished house. Also prior to the commencement of any work make sure you have agreed to a cost for the build and be fully aware of what that includes. That way you can avoid being hit with hidden costs for which you hadn’t planned.

Ensure You Have a Schedule of Works  

You must ensure you have a definitive schedule of works before work starts. This is really important if you are continuing to live in the property while the work is undertaken. You will need to be fully aware of when certain parts of the house may be out of commission and plan accordingly. Also having a schedule of works will give you an element of control over your contractors. The schedule of works should follow a logical pattern to ensure jobs are created in the correct order.

Talk to your Neighbours

Now, this may not seem all that important in the greater scheme of things, however, it is polite to keep your neighbours informed of what is happening. I mean imagine if the boot was on the other foot, would you be happy if they just went ahead without talking to you. Ensure builders respect your neighbour’s property and try to avoid obstructing entrances and exits. It is also worth keeping them informed about the length of the project and any major deliveries etc. While this may seem slightly insignificant in the greater scheme of things a little thoughtfulness can go a long way to ensuring your rebuild goes smoothly for both you and your neighbours. 

In conclusion, we think the secret to any good renovation project is planning and preparation, hopefully, the tips we have given you will help.