What Size Air Source Heat Pump Do I Need For My Home?

Without a doubt, switching to a heat pump is awesome for your wallet and the planet. Moreover, it is easy with the help of the UK Government’s heat pump grant. Air source heat pumps in fact grab heat from the air outside. They squash it, and then pump it into your place through radiators. Despite the upfront expenses, they reduce energy costs, cut tons of CO2, and keep your home cosy for 20 years. 

Firstly, heat pumps are a money-saver. Plus, they’re eco-friendly. They snatch outdoor heat and push it indoors via radiators or other means. On top of that, they cut costs and carbon emissions. In the end, your home stays warm for ages. Finally, it’s a win-win for your pocket and Mother Earth.

Guess what? Heat pumps are becoming more popular, and there’s good news until 2028. What’s more, the government’s ECO4 Scheme can slash your air source heat pump costs by £7,500. Interested in getting the grant, enter your postcode here! But wait, you don’t want just any heat pump. You want a perfect secure and more energy-efficient home. The one that is the best bang for your buck. So don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

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Heat Pump Sizing: New vs. Old Home

Now, for new homes, figuring out the right size for an air source heat pump is a breeze. Thanks to UK building regulations, insulation levels are on point, making it easy to accurately calculate heat loss. So, estimating the pump size is a piece of cake.

Older buildings, indeed though, throw in a curveball. With various factors like insulation, existing heating setups, property size, room numbers, and seasonal temperature changes, calculating heat loss becomes tricky. So if your place falls into this category, brace yourself for a thorough survey to nail down accurate loss levels.

Now, rooms play a big role. Different spaces need different heat levels. First, think about it—living rooms and bathrooms crave more warmth than bedrooms. So, counting and categorizing rooms is key to figuring out how much heat your home craves. This will help you land on the right size for your air source heat pump.

Without reservation, air source heat pumps in UK homes commonly come in sizes like 4kW, 5kW, 6kW, 8kW, 10kW, or 12kW. If necessary, larger options up to 16kW are available. However, these bigger sizes are mainly for very large properties. Those who have usually with five or more bedrooms.

ASHP Sizing Tips

In fact, picking the right size for your Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) is crucial. Too small and your place stays chilly; too big and you’re burning money.

Here’s the breakdown for different home sizes: 

  • 2-bedroom: If your pad is cozy and well-insulated, a 4kW ASHP should do. Not so snug? Go for a 6kW unit.
  • 3-bedroom: A 5kW ASHP is great if your place is well-insulated. Got a drafty spot? A 7.5kW unit is your pick.
  • 4-bedroom: Insulated like a pro? A 10kW ASHP is your go-to. Not so snug? Consider a 15kW unit.
  • 5+ bedrooms: Big home? Just roll with a 16kW ASHP, no matter how cozy or drafty.

Don’t forget these things:

  • Climate: Colder spot? Bigger ASHP needed.
  • Hot water needs: If your ASHP does hot water duty, think about that when picking a size.
  • Lifestyle: Love using every room? A slightly bigger ASHP might be your vibe.

By nailing the right ASHP size, you get a cozy home, save cash, and ride the energy-efficient wave. Cool, huh?

Decoding ASHPs: Capacity Matters

Jumping into the world of Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs) – where quoting their capacity at 7°C/35°C is the name of the game.  

But here’s the twist: the actual output can play tricks. Imagine a 10kW pump only delivering 8kW when it’s -5°C outside. And if you’re aiming for a toasty 21°C instead of 18°C inside, it might need to crank it up.

So, what’s the deal?

  • Your local climate: Cold spots need a beefier pump.
  • Your indoor temp wish: Want more heat? Pump needs to step up.
  • Home insulation: A snug house needs less pump power.

To nail down the right pump size, just have a chat with a heating pro. They’ve got the insider knowledge!”

Bottom Line

To sum up, heat pumps offer a double win for your pocket and the environment. They snag outdoor warmth, slash bills, and cut CO2, keeping your home cozy for two decades. But, choosing the right size is critically important. New homes make it easy, but older ones throw in challenges, needing thorough surveys. Counting rooms and considering your lifestyle guides the size choice.