A Guide to Child Friendly Flooring

Making sharp corners safe, locking kitchen cupboards and installing baby gates are top considerations when your little precious is on the move, but when it comes to making a home child-friendly, your flooring shouldn’t be overlooked. Combining practicality, longevity and cost-effectiveness with style and function may seem like no mean feat, but innovations in design and materials means there’s something to suit everyone and withstand the wear and tear inflicted by babies, toddlers and growing cherubs alike.

So whether it’s making sure the bathroom floor can hold strong against the gallons of bathwater that get thrown overboard during bath time or preparing a playroom floor to take a beating from toys being flung around and ride-on or wheel-based toys, there’s a lot to consider. Let’s face it, whatever flooring you choose, it’s an investment of both money, time and disruption due to installation, so choosing something that will stand the test of time is often a key priority for parents.

Real Wood Flooring

There’s nothing quite like the look and feel of real wood, but it can be a pricey option compared to wood-effect alternatives. Marks, dents and scratches can be sanded out and the floor itself can be refinished, but wood is a naturally porous material, and the cracks or grooves that will exist between planks can be a great harborer of dirt, moisture from spillages, and food crumbs, making it potentially unhygienic.

To prevent this you’ll want to ensure your floor is finished. You’ll want a professional to ensure that the job is done probably. Whether you need wooden floor finishing in Manchester, London or anywhere in the UK there will be a professional company who can assist you with making your floor perfect.

Wood-look Alternative Flooring

Looking at wood-effect alternatives, the options in laminate and Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) are simply endless. Factor in the characteristics of longevity and their hygienic properties, LVT’s become a prominent option for flooring. Requiring only a little sweeping, vacuuming or a quick mop to erase any mess from a family always on the go and maintain your flooring in tip-top condition. 

In addition to wood aesthetics, LVT’s are also available in a range of alternative textures such as stone and tile designs. Affording you the ability of expressing your own personal style and taste in flooring without compromising safety and saving your little ones knees and heads from bumps and falls.

The beauty of laminates and vinyl tiles lie in their DIY-friendly installation, durability, and resistance to scratches and fading. The best quality laminates stand the test of time and the different evolving phases of family life. However, one of the downsides of laminate is its inability to withstand moisture but used in the right setting, such as a living room or playroom, it’s a great option.

LVT offers all the benefits of laminate but with the added bonus that most types are water resistant and some waterproof, so it will withstand the regular baby and toddler bath time flooding, kitchen and dining room spillages – as well as any other liquids that can end up on the floor when toilet training is underway! The newer click-installation planks mean they can easily be installed by a keen DIYer.

Children tend not to be gentle when racing around on ride-on toys, walking aids and push-a-longs. Good quality laminates and LVT are very scratch resistant, but in an area that’s likely to bear the brunt of toddler play (and tantrums!) it’s wise to invest in a rug or foam squares to protect the floor in high use areas. Whether you’re changing the décor or there’s been an unfortunate accident, a rug can be easily replaced or swapped out for a new look.

Child Friendly Carpets

For those of us who love carpets, a synthetic bleach cleanable carpet option is the most practical and a low, dense pile more favourable than a thicker, plush one. Naturally you’ll want to protect your carpet as much as possible, that’s where Scotchguard is a godsend. Scotchgarding is a stain protecting fabric treatment for upholstery, rugs, carpets and curtains to name a few. It provides a protective barrier for the fabrics fibres – preventing any stains from accidental spillages by stopping liquids and solids from penetrating the fibres and leaving marks and damages behind.

The innovations in flooring products have paved the way for parents to tick the many boxes when considering flooring. Making the right, informed choices will ensure few compromises and result in a stylish, practical, durable floor that will be steadfast in the family home.