How to lay and level a concrete floor

Laying concrete over a vast area can often lend itself to slightly uneven flooring, which is why we’re here to offer you prime advice on a floor levelling solution. To find out how to fix an uneven concrete floor and lay a level concrete floor, read on!

Why is my concrete floor uneven?

Concrete floors can become uneven by several things but the most common culprit is due to it cracking. Cracking tends to occur when:

  • The concrete dries too quickly
  • The wrong strength of concrete was poured
  • There’s a lack of control joints
  • There’s too much water in the mix

When you should turn to self-levelling compounds

This all depends on how uneven your floor is – if your concrete floor is less than 5mm out, you will be able to apply a self-levelling floor compound to level out your surface. To see just how uneven your concrete floor is, you will need to use a long spirit level, keeping the bubble central and measure the difference between the floor and the leveller. 

Two types of levelling compounds:

  1. Powder with latex liquid – where you mix together to create the compound
  2. Bag including the powder and latex compound – mix with water to create

If you’ve never used concrete levelling compounds before, you will want to use the second option, as it is easier to mix and to use. 

How to level a concrete floor

Learn how to level a concrete floor that slopes by reading the step-by-step guide to concrete floor levelling below.

Clean the floor

Move everything off the floor so that you can prepare it with a good sweep and vacuum – ready to be primed.

Fill in the cracks

Using filler and sealer, fill in the cracks you see in your concrete floor. You can do this two ways, either apply using the nozzle of the filler bottle or use a trowel to push and smooth over the filler into the concrete cracks. Allow the filler to dry before carrying on with the next steps.

Apply the primer

Using a soft-bristle brush, spread the primer over the entire surface of the floor – start at one end and work to the other, working towards the door so you can leave it to dry for 24 hours (should have a tacky finish by then). When spreading the primer across the floor, apply pressure to ensure it works its way into all of the pores.

Mix the compound

Have a friend to hand to help you with this process. Start by mixing the compound in a bucket using a paddle until it’s of the right consistency. Avoid mixing more than a single bag at a time because the compound will only be spreadable for 15-30 minutes – which doesn’t give you much time. When you’re pouring the first batch, have your friend start mixing the next lot of leveller compound to speed up the process.

Allow concrete leveller to dry

Now that the concrete floor leveller has been applied and spread across the concrete floor, look at the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you give the compound enough time to dry. The majority of floor levellers can be walked on after around 4 hours of drying but to ensure it’s thoroughly dried, it’s likely you’ll need to wait 24 hours. The only thing that’ll affect the drying process is the temperature and humidity levels of where you are – so always best to take your location into consideration. 

Unsure about the whole process? Not to worry – speak with our experts at Essex Mix for help and advice. With years of experience within the industry and with quality concrete services to hand including; ready mix concrete, floor screed and concrete pump hire, you can be sure you’ve come to the right place. simply contact Essex Mix today.