Ways of Saving Money on Your Electricity Bills

It’s the same for everyone. Whether you’re renting or having a mortgage – we pay a lot of money for the electricity we use. So much so that we part with a substantial amount of our incomes just to pay for things to work in our homes.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to break down different usage in a single bill, too and figuring out what to cut down on can be the most challenging part when attempting to lower your bill. Fortunately, however, there are tons of ways that you can save money by making tiny little changes and adapting to a new way of living.  

Yes, we all know that we should turn our lights off whenever we don’t need them and at night, but there are far more strategic ways of saving money. This is precisely what we’re going to cover off in today’s article.

Should you need further advice on anything we discuss, you can also get the opinion of a professional. Simply Google “Electrician Near Me”, and you’ll find quite a few electricians local to you. 

Use Your Dishwasher Instead of Handwashing

Now we know that this article is about saving electricity and that this tip might sound weird from the off-set, but handwashing uses almost ten times the amount of water compared to a fully loaded dishwasher. So, handwashing can actually save you a ton of money when it comes to your electricity (and water bill!). Surprising right?

Keep Your Fridge and Freezer Fully Stocked

You might think that your fridge and freezer will need to work twice as hard when they’re full of yummy food, but it’s actually quite the opposite. When they are fully stocked, less electricity is needed to keep them at their optimal temperatures. If this isn’t something you wish to do, then you can always reorganise them to be more energy-efficient. 

Wash Your Clothes At Night

Surprisingly (and we don’t really know why), energy suppliers charge less for electricity during the evenings. So, avoid using your washing machine and cleaning your clothes during the daytime. Instead, do your washing after dark, and you’ll be saving a fair amount of money. 

Avoid The Tumble Dryer

Of course, using the tumble dryer is a quick and convenient solution, especially if you need that smart pair of trousers for a work meeting. But tumble dryers use a huge amount of power. Instead, it’s far better to dry your clothes on a washing line and make the very most of the natural sunlight. 

Get Your Windows Clean During The Colder Season

Use the cold snap to your advantage and clean your windows to remove any dirt or residue oil that’s built up during the summer. Removing this build-up will allow more sunlight into your home and help it take in more natural warmth. 

Give Your Fridge Coils Some Attention

Yes, we know. This sounds like a long, drawn-out task and one that doesn’t really seem necessary. However, if you never clean your fridge coils, your electricity bill could skyrocket over the years. All you need to do is find the coils and give them a good hoover and wipe over with a damp cloth. It really is as easy as that. 

Make The Switch to LED Bulbs

This one makes total sense and requires minimal effort on your part. LED bulbs use a staggering 80% less electricity than your simple traditional ones. This means that if you change every single fitting in your home and replace them with LED bulbs, you’ll instantly start saving money and see a real difference when your bill comes through at the end of the month. 

Invest In Door Draft Guards 

You should be using door draft guards for every entryway you have in your house. Keeping air inside and circulating around your home is key to staying energy efficient because you spend the tie trying to lower your consumption; all will be lost through drafts, and you will have wasted your entire time making the changes.