How to Dispose Of and Recycle Batteries

Are old batteries piling up in your home? Whether it’s a large car battery or a simple AA for a toothbrush, all batteries contain hazardous materials and must be disposed of correctly and not thrown out with the general rubbish. 

Luckily, battery disposal is very easy – and in this article, we take a look at how to dispose of batteries responsibly, along with options for recycling batteries of all shapes and sizes. 

Why is battery recycling important? 

We wouldn’t get very far in our daily lives without batteries – they’re everywhere – and like most things, it requires resources and energy to manufacture batteries, all of which has an impact on our environment. 

Also, batteries should not be put out with the rubbish or taken to general landfill anyway, as they contain hazardous metals. Instead, we should aim to recycle them – this simple step can cut down on how many batteries we consume as a society, as well as helping out the planet. 

To assist the environment even more, opt for appliances with rechargeable batteries if you can. This is far less wasteful than continually disposing of and replacing single-use batteries. 

How to dispose of and recycle batteries 

As mentioned before, batteries contain hazardous material and should not be discarded along with general rubbish. So, let’s see how to recycle batteries and dispose of them correctly. 

  1. Contact the manufacturer: If you’re unsure of how to recycle a particular type of battery, it might be worth getting in touch with the manufacturer or browse their website for advice on disposal. After all, the manufacturer is best placed to advise on the particulars of any specialist or unusual batteries. 
  2. Car battery recycling: Car batteries need to be given special care – but the good news is that sometimes you can fetch a price for your old car batteries. Independent waste management companies, such as Wilton Waste, will buy your old batteries and carefully recycle them to high environmental standards. 
  3. Battery collection bins: Electrical shops, garages or even supermarkets may have their own battery recycling bins set up for you to use. Ask around or keep your eyes open for these bins, as this could become an easy go-to local place for battery disposal.
  4. Recycling schemes: You may want to check with your local council and see if they run a battery recycling and collection scheme. If so, they should signpost you on how to get involved. 
  5. Waste collection site or recycling centre: Phone up your local waste collection or recycling centre and see if they are accepting batteries and, if so, what types. 

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