8 Easy Ways to Secure your Home

Buying new furniture or an entertainment system is far more enjoyable than thinking about home security. However, in a country where a house is burgled approximately every 25.7 seconds it is imperative to ensure your home is fully protected. To help you keep both your home and it’s contents as safe as possible, here are a few simple steps you can take. 

Secure Your Doors

The majority of home invasions are opportunist crimes, so it makes sense not to make it easy for them. One way to make it more difficult for burglars is to ensure that you have the correct locks fitted to your internal and external doors.

Most reputable locksmiths will be happy to visit your home and advise you on the quality of your existing door locks. During this they will also recommend on any upgrades you could make to improve the security of your home. Companies like Tyne Tees Locks are trusted and reliable locksmiths in Blyth whose team will provide you with independent advice on the quality of your security. 

Lock Your Windows

Along with doors windows provide the most common entry points for burglars. As a result it is important that you are able to fasten all your windows securely. Quite often locks provided by manufacturers are not as effective as they should be and in some cases barely fit for purpose.

There are a few simple ways you can improve the security around your windows such as fitting locks, installing window or glass break sensors or key operated levers.

Illuminate Your Outdoor Space 

Would be burglars and thieves do not like to have their presence highlighted. One way of deterring intruders is to put lights strategically in and around your outside space.

By putting lights in gardens, along pathways and near garages and other outbuildings, this will help discourage all but the most determined intruder. 

Don’t Ignore your Garage

When upgrading their home security many people forget about their garage. Recently garages have become a popular entry point to a property for burglars. If once they get in your garage, burglars are denied entry to your home there are usually a lot of other expensive belongings stored in there. 

Making sure your internal and external garage doors are kept locked unless in use, is an easy way to help keep you home more secure. If you have a remote control keep it in a safe place at all times, keeping it in your car while convenient can be risky. If you use a security code when opening your garage doors ensure it is kept secret and avoid using it in front of visitors and delivery people. 

Install a Home Security System

It is a statistical fact that many burglars will give a wide berth to any property with a burglar alarm system. In the current market there are a wide range of security systems available for domestic properties.

From hi-tech state of the art systems to more basic alarms there is something to suit every budget. One of the basic functions of an alarm system is to act as a deterrent. As we pointed out before burglary in the majority of cases is an opportunist crime and more often than not a burglar will avoid attempting to break into a home with a security system. 

Add Security Cameras 

As with a security system the addition of CCTV cameras will deter many a would be thief or vandal. CCTV Cameras work not only as a deterrent but also as an aid to catch the perpetrators of any crime. Available as part of a more complex system or as a stand alone unit security cameras can’t help but improve the security of your property.

If you decide to install security cameras it is advisable to get a system you can link to your smartphone. This allows you to monitor your property even when you are away from your home. 

Install a Safe

In the event that an intruder gets into your property it is useful to be able to ensure your valuables can still be protected. An in home safe can be used for all manner of valuables such as jewellery and vital d identity documents such as passports. It is important to select a safe that is substantial enough to prevent intruders removing it from site. 

Lock Down Your Wi-Fi Network

Your home wireless network can be a mine of information to any type of cyber-criminal. Gaining access to your wi-fi network will in most cases give them access to your personal and financial information.

Also if you have your home security system connected to your smart device not having secure wi-fi network is risking giving criminals direct access to your home. You should always ensure your router is secured and install both a firewall and anti -virus protection and most importantly create strong passwords. 

By implementing some of the tips above you will undoubtedly make your home a safer place. With that will come greater peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your home without the worries associated with crime.