Five Home Security Essentials From Security Experts

Back in 2018, the Office for National Statistics  indicated that within the UK there were over 400,000 burglaries. In the same collective of data, it highlighted that females aged between 35-44, who are living in a flat in an urban area are most likely to be burgled.

Nonetheless, it is not just these demographics that are the most vulnerable to burglaries, they can occur to anybody and any property. When the unfortunate scenario arises and our homes are broken into, this can have an adverse financial impact on our lives. However, more often than not, the emotional impact can outweigh the financials. You may feel that your safe space has been intruded and blaming yourselves.

Therefore, we’ll be walking you through our top 5 security essentials to prevent you from being a target.

Check your Windows, Doors and Out Buildings

First rule of theft prevention is to ensure that you do not make the burglar’s job any easier than it should be. We recommend that you check your windows and doors every other week, in attempt to be proactive and check they have not been damaged/

You should ideally be looking for any faulty latches or hinges, rot around door frames including any loose bricks and cracks that may naturally occur.In addition to checking for damage, you should endeavour to check that all openings to your sacred safe place are secure. 

Doors should be solid rather than hollow alternatives. To check this, simply lean or push your door to determine if the door is secure.

If you do have concerns, it is advised to consider having them exchanged for a new alternative or simply purchase a deadbolt if money is tight.

Utilise Timers

Burglar’s target homes during the day, when most people are working. However, if your home is dark during the evening/night, then this could potentially signal thieves to break into your home. With this being said, we advise that you invest in a timer. These are cheap and available nationwide.

To use timers, you simply need to plug your selected devices into the timer, then plug the timer into a power outlet. There is no need to rack up expensive utility bills, so use these timers to turn on lamps or other electrical devices that you see fit. Then when the pre-selected time comes, your electronics will turn on.

Secure the Perimeter

You may invest to protect the inside of your beautiful home, but what about the exterior? Within the UK, a vast quantity of burglaries occur outside of houses.

Garden furniture, tools, pets, sporting equipment and even plants are popular on burglar’s hit lists. Therefore, it is imperative that you secure your perimeter with secure fencing, locked outhouses and further security measures such as barbed wire.

Procure a Home Security System

The demand for home security systems in the UK has soared in recent years. Price has come down significantly which has led to the surge of demand. A robust home security system will include a monitored burglar alarm, closed circuit television (CCTV) and exterior lights.

The best benefit in implementing a professional home security system is the fact that if an alarm is tripped, a monitoring station operative will be noted and they will assess the situation. So if you are away from your home or scared, then they can make a decision on your behalf to call the police.

Be Vigilant

By being vigilant, you are executing the most effective form of theft prevention. If you nip out to the shops, or go catch a few rays with a drink of your choice in the garden, lock all your doors.

If you do have a poor memory, it may be worth writing a little note reminding you to lock before leaving the house. Another way you and your neighbours can remain vigilant is by keeping an eye out for strange people hanging around near your property.

If you do notice something out of the ordinary or odd then please do not be afraid to report this to the police using dial code ‘101’ or other local authorities. Essentially, make life difficult for burglars by taking basic steps and being vigilant.